Wedding Catering Trends

Wedding Catering Trends


Remember when a marriage menu consisted of everything fits within the main course, wedding cakes and other desserts decorated with an excessive amount of icing and frosting, and every guest being given a limit to how many times they can ask for a drink? Yeah, catering companies are still getting over such ways too.

 Over the last couple of years, social media platforms have played a crucial role in getting the catering companies in kolkata to people who need it. Now, more than ever before, couples are seeing their reception party as a way to try something different. They are deciding against the regular chicken or mutton masala dishes, and in with smart takes on traditional innovative ways. So, here are the some of the trends that you may see in catering: 

Live Food Counter

This became one of the largest developments in wedding catering in 2019 — and it will maintain the pace and move nicely into 2020. Everything you could morsel or drink on receives its very own station in the course of a marriage reception, from cocktails to desserts to appetizers.

 One of the biggest motives to introduce live food counters in your parties is because of the way it allows the guests to interact. Other than watching cooks prepare the meal on the spot, this way the couple would be able to give custom names to the food and drink is being served. Live food counters are quite Social media-friendly, too. So, the more interactive the food counter, the extra guests will recall how the wedding event made them feel. 

Wedding Cakes (Christian Wedding Only)

Cakes absolutely phased out for a little at the same time as during the last ten years. This changed into due to the fact many couples, and wedding guests, admitted that they didn’t definitely like a conventional cake. So, in preference to a traditional wedding cake where absolutely everyone receives a slice, caterers in wedding made room for dessert counters instead. A smaller cake become precise for the couple to reduce together. 

While dessert stations are still quite famous, desserts are slowly coming round again. In particular, wedding ceremony desserts are all the rage on account that there are a number of ways you can make those cakes clever. For example, including butter among the layers or even chocolate syrup, using chocolate chips as cake ingredients, the usage of jam as an alternative, and more.

 DIY Cocktail

Cocktails have over-taken the DIY beer. One of the largest reasons why catering companies are transferring from beer to cocktails is because couples need to weave their story all through the whole evening. 

This story can be woven in the food served and the cocktails mixed. It pays homage to their native land roots and connection together. Plus, couples get the threat to give the cocktails special names that serve as a similarly tribute to their relationship. 

Starter and Appetizers

Traditional starters and appetizers that blanketed the ones little bite-sized nibbles exceeded round trays, are going out of style fast. However, no person has grown tired of these appetizers. Appetizers and starters are now a decor focal point, and many feature informal, yet stylish, meals like chicken pakora spreads.

 Bite-sized Cakes with Icing

Traditional wedding desserts aren’t the handiest catering for wedding staple at the rise. Bite-sized cakes are now getting used as decor. 

Bite-sized cakes are positioned on guest tables at some point of receptions. It’s a fancy selection couples are making in the course of their weddings and one that serves as a communique piece to get guests talking. 

Snacks for Late-night Events

Late night snacking and consuming at the moment are coming round again at wedding ceremony receptions! With occasions together with weddings and receptions taking place during late hours, guests generally tend to get hungry even as waiting for the rituals to be completed and the wedding to be completed. So, if a catering organization offers late-night snacks, the guests would like it.


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