Wedding Planning Tips | What Being On A Budget Actually Means

Wedding Planning Tips | What Being On A Budget Actually Means


When you are getting married there will be a lot of planning that you have to do to make your day really special and memorable. But while planning for your wedding it will be really essential for you to ‘be in the budget’.

Okay, so it is really easy to say that you’ll need to be in the budget and adjust everything so that it is affordable enough, but the ground reality is totally different. We heard many people suggesting the couple, who are getting married, to plan a wedding in a budget.

But, what ‘BeingOn A Budget’ actually means?

A lot of you will surely find it much synonymous to compromising, and yes you are true to a point, but not entirely. We asked a budget wedding planners in Pune about what this term (being on a budget) means for him, and he was kind enough to tell us some tips that he thinks will be essential to cut the wedding budget in a manner that it becomes more affordable.


The first step to being on the budget means to prioritize all the different things that you want on your wedding. Make a list of items that you think are essential for you and then arrange each of them according to the priority keeping in mind that there will be some things at the end that might get cut off.

We know that each and everything will be of special importance to you and it’ll be really hard to let go of some things due to the budget. But, deciding on the things that will shape the long-lasting memories of your wedding is also important.

Spend wisely and learn from other’s mistakes by seeking out advice from the married couples in your family.

Ground Reality Is Different From The Internet

You might have gone through thousands of ideas over the Pinterest and other social media platforms. But, this is the time when you need to get acquainted with the type of wedding you want and the average costing of all the different services that you’ll require.

Educating yourself is really helpful and will help you a lot when it comes to choosing the right vendors for your wedding.

This will also help you out in staying away from all the unnecessary conversations and will help you out in creating a budget that is more realistic.

Work With A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are for people who want a luxurious wedding. Is this what you think? Then, you can’t be more wrong. We are not saying that booking a wedding planner is cheap but when compared to all the different perks they bring with them is far mightier than that price tag.

A wedding planner brings with him his hard-earned experience of planning the wedding along with the list of some of the finest vendors in the market.

A planner will be someone who’ll be there by your side, helping you out with all the planning process and will also help out in getting the best deals available in the market.

Avoid Sending Out Unnecessary Invites

The most important thing that you must understand is that you don’t have to feel obligated to invite the whole world to your wedding. It is actually quite common that couples tend to feel obligated to invite many of the guests just because they invited them to their wedding.

Everyone has a different budget and the type of wedding, and you must understand that adding just a few of the guests unnecessarily would significantly increase your wedding budget.

So, we really suggest you get a machete and start chopping off that guest list. The smaller the list gets the more money you’ll have for the important things that you want to include in your wedding.

These are some of the tips that we came across and think that will help you to be in the budget. If you properly use the above-mentioned tips during the planning process then you can surely reduce your wedding budget significantly.


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