Bikini line hair removal: How to get rid of bikini line hair for the summer or vacation break?

Bikini line hair removal: How to get rid of bikini line hair for the summer or vacation break?


Summer, beach and fun – this might be in store for you this summer season or for any other vacation and you need to think about bikini line hair removal. There are many ways how to do it but of course, you would want something that would really last. You don’t want to spend a weekend with a new hair removal around this area and find new hair growth the next day, just before you got home.

So, to avoid such occurrence, you need to know what hair removal methods you can use and what would be the most effective way to go about it.

How bikini line hair removal is done?

Just like there are many fun ways to start your summer vacation, there are also lots of ways to get rid of your bikini line hair. But there are about four popular ways to do about it and are recommended because of convenience and efficiency.

Waxing. There was a time that waxing, although quite expensive in the long run, is the best way to get rid of your bikini line hair that you can do at home. Of course, waxing is often done at salons but if you want to have your hair removed at a very private area, you might want to do the waxing yourself.

Waxing is done by applying a hot wax solution unto the bikini line using a depressor that often is made from wood materials. A strip of fabric or linen material is put on the top of the wax. When the wax is cooled down, the linen is ripped off taking the hair with it. Waxing can last longer than shaving and the skin will remain smooth.

But this method of removing bikini line hair can really hurt and of course, expensive if you don’t do the waxing yourself. But so far, this is the most affordable method you can use that will last, won’t allergic reaction (also you might get burned and some discomfort for a while) and making your skin stubble after removing the hair.

Here are some valuable tips for waxing your bikini line at home.

Shaving. When one thinks about getting rid of bikini line hair, shaving will never be far from mind. In fact, it would be the first thing you will consider and the first method most people tried. Shaving is convenient. It is also as fast as any other method you can use to get rid of bikini line hair. Shaving is also cheap. All it takes is to have one disposable razor and shave off the pubic hair.

But the thing with shaving is that its effects can only last a day or two days if you are lucky, before you see the hair growing back up again. You might not also be able to shave your hair around this area completely or there is also the risk of you getting injured in the process of shaving.

And if you shave against the hair growth, ingrown hair will likely happen. Ingrown hairs are hairs growing back up at a wrong direction growing into the skin instead of against it. Ingrown are very uncomfortable and they are very itchy. Shaving can also produce a chicken-like skin texture which is not pleasant at all. Unfortunately, shaving is not the best way to get rid of your bikini line hair.

Topical creams or depilatories. These are creams applied on to the bikini line hair for a few minutes, according to instructions. After such time, you can just simply wipe the hairs away. These are just OTC products you can buy at any grocery or pharmacy that are not expensive at all.

You can also do this yourself at home so don’t have to be embarrassed by needing someone to do it for you. But there is a lot of chance for you in developing some allergic reaction using this product.

You may also feel some burning sensation around your private parts so it could be very uncomfortable. And this is a method that is not as reliable hair removal as there are just hairs that are hard to get rid of down there so you might still need to shave them off as well.

Laser or electric bikini line hair removal. If you want to achieve permanence, or some semblance of it, you can always go for laser or electric hair removal.

This procedure uses some device that would produce heat to destroy bikini line hair follicles. The chance of some of the hair growing is 100% but you can enjoy having no bikini line hair for a while as it takes time before the follicles can heal.

Also, some hair follicles will be so damaged that you will likely have lesser bikini line hair if in case they grow back again. But this is the most expensive hair removal there is. Not surprising as the results are quite good and this process will not leave your skin dark or stubble. There is also no allergic reaction. So, if you have the cash to spend for this, laser or electric hair removal will be the best way to get rid of bikini line hair.

What would be the best bikini line hair removal procedures?

The best bikini like hair removal procedure will be the procedure that best fit your lifestyle. There are people who are good with having hair around this area so permanence of hair removal is not an issue. Although if you plan to wear a bikini, you would not like to have some hair peeping out from it so hair removal is a must.

However, you need to be practical about your choice. If you are this kind of person who doesn’t mind the hair, shaving would be the best option. But if you need to spend a week or two wearing bikini often the waxing is also appropriate. If you don’t have skin allergic reaction to depilatories and you are on a month-long vacation under the sun, then this procedure is the best for you.

And if your profession requires you to wear bikini or swimsuit all the time, it might not be practical to wax it often as it can be expensive. Shaving is also not an option as stubble skin doesn’t look any better than bikini line with hair. This is maybe the time to say that the best hair removal is laser or electric hair removal.

 All bikini line hair removal procedures are best at a certain situation and it is up to you to find the best for you.


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