Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy This Summer

Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy This Summer


Having healthy and strong nails is essential. Did you know even the shape of your nails speaks volume about your personality? So, maintaining a proper nail care routine is crucial than you may think. 

But how can you tell that your nails are healthy?

Signs of Healthy Nails

  • The color of the nail plates is pinkish white
  • Cuticles are present
  • Nails and white tips are in even length
  • At nail base, there will be a half-moon shaped white section called lunula

Signs of Unhealthy Nails

  • Dryness or vitamin deficiency causes peeling or splitting nails 
  • Tiny white spots (Could be the result of biting your nails or painting them too often)
  • Horizontal grooves
  • Red, swollen skin around nails 
  • Spoon-shaped nails (a sign of iron deficiency or anemia) 

Here, we’ve listed a few tips from the leading natural nail salon to get strong and healthy nails. 

Keep Your Nails Well Nourished 

UV rays can dehydrate your nails, and a lack of moisture can lead to you having dry, brittle nails that flake all over the place. Your nails may become dry, brittle not only due to UV rays, but all that swimming can also have a damaging effect. Use oils and hand creams to up your moisture levels. Also, avoid acetone and harsh nail polish removers that can dry out your nails. Hire natural nail services to keep your nails well nourished. 

Keep Your Nails Protected

People take the time to slather products that protect the skin on the face and body. So, why not do the same for your nails? Use nail topcoats that provide UV protection. You can wear them on your own or over your favorite nail color. It also prevents the sun from discoloring your manicure that you got from the leading Mobile salon in Des Moines

Maintain the Length 

Did you know your nails grow longer during warmer weather? Many reports suggest that longer nail is prone to injuries often and could leave you open to infection. So, it’s essential to maintain the length of your nails, especially your toenails. Cut and trim nails regularly and finish it off with a proper filing. 

Strengthen Weak Finger Nails 

Give your nails extra strength using a nail strengthener to protect your nails from chipping and breakage and build their strength. Use moisturizer after washing your hands or washing dishes to prevent it from break and tear. Dry your hands using a dry hand towel and ensure that your cuticles get the right amount of that nurturing action as well.

Lastly, don’t forget your color! What’s summer without a great coating of your favorite color on your toe and fingernails? So, choose a bright, vibrant, and fresh color to show off your personal style. 

If you are looking for natural nail or lash services in Des Moines, visit for more information. 


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