Add a touch of elegance to your decor with preserved flowers in Singapore

Add a touch of elegance to your decor with preserved flowers in Singapore


Flowers have always been a timeless gift item. They add to the beauty of life. Their fragrance can brighten anyone’s bad day. Many flowers have medicinal properties as well, which makes them an invaluable gift from nature.

Bloom box flowers have been gaining a lot of attention these days. A Bloom box is a flower arrangement in a box. Typically, flower arrangements are done in a vase. Making a bloom box is comparatively easier than the traditional arrangement in a vase. This is the reason why they are a popular gifting option. Add a touch of elegance to your decor with preserved flowers in Singapore.

How to make a DIY Bloom Box?

With just a few things, one can easily make bloom box flowers at home. However, they can also buy it from florists to save time and effort.

Materials required:

  • A pretty round box lying at home or from a craft store
  • A round bowl that can fit inside the box (preferably a glass bowl)
  • Floral foam
  • Flowers of choice


  • Place the bowl in the round box.
  • Cut the floral foam as per the dimensions of the bowl.
  • Place the foam inside the bowl and wet the foam using water.
  • Using the filler flowers, start covering the edges of the box. Cut the stems as needed so that the flowers fit in the box.
  • Once edges are done, start with the center.
  • Add the filler flowers such that most of the foam is covered.
  • Then, using other flowers of choice, start filling the gaps.
  • Continue adding flowers till the arrangement looks cohesive.

What type of flowers to use in a bloom box?

It is always advised to use three types of flowers in any flower arrangement. These include:

  1. Filler flowers
  2. Focal flowers
  3. Secondary flowers

This principle applies to bloom boxes too. Bouquets and other flower arrangements have some green elements too. But most florists don’t prefer to do it with bloom boxes.

The color of flowers also needs to be considered. To create a harmonious look, one can choose similar hues, like white and baby pink. But if one wishes to be bold, they can very well pick flowers of complementary colors too.

Making a DIY bloom box is not that difficult. With prior planning, one can make these themselves. These are perfect for making loved ones happy while making relationships stronger.



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