How to Create a Christmas Hamper

How to Create a Christmas Hamper


Besides the holiday flowers, what is the nicest aspect of Christmas? Of course, we would assume that food is at the top of the list. But, yes, we adore a Christmas hamper, especially if it comes in a large, overflowing basket.

However, not all hampers are made equal, so we have professional food buyers select the items for our Christmas hampers. It requires skill to create the ideal mixture of sweets and ensure they look and taste delicious. Therefore, we have compiled this comprehensive guide to Christmas hampers to assist you in creating your own. What is a Christmas hamper, what materials are required to construct one, and how on earth do you stuff it?!

What is a holiday basket?

A Christmas hamper is typically a wicker basket or a decorative box containing an assortment of holiday delicacies. Typically, these delights are edible and pleasant, although some individuals also send non-food gifts. Hampers have a long history of being delivered as gifts (they were notably popular in the Victorian era) and are typically sent to distant relatives and acquaintances. Even soldiers stationed overseas have received these to give them a sense of Christmas while they are away.

What is required to construct a basket

A box or basket of medium to large size made of wicker.

Size and material are up to you, but your container must be sturdy enough to hold and protect your treats during their journey.


You’ll want to include a variety of delectable delicacies in your hamper; consider the recipient and their preferences, and if you’re unsure of what they like, include a wide range of goods (they’re guaranteed to enjoy something!) Included below is more guidance on what to include.

What to include in a holiday hamper

It’s all about the recipient; try to include their favourite foods, and if you’re unsure, opt for diversity.

Remember to choose carefully: if your gift basket is travelling by mail, these items must be able to withstand the trip, so strive for jars of preserves, chutneys, crackers, chocolate and sweets, and tasty beverages. Using fresh vegetables and cheese risks their melting or spoiling. And remember to shop locally wherever possible! It’s better for the environment, and you can generally get delicious lovingly-crafted local produce.

If you’re at a loss for what to include in your hamper, you may consider giving it a theme, such as sweets for a sweet tooth, snacks for a movie night, or seasonal favourites. Once you’ve decided on a theme, finding food that matches it is typically simple, and you can even decorate the food to match.

How to pack a picnic basket

1. layer something delicate at the base

You must make a cushion to prevent breakages. Fill the bottom of your basket with shredded paper or eco-friendly foam peanuts (you can find those that dissolve in water produced from starch!).

2. Include all bottles

These are your fragile and weighty objects, so generously wrap them with paper or bubble wrap.

3. Insert one additional layer of shredded paper

Cover your bottles with softer materials to prevent other items from colliding with them.

4. Tuck in your other treats

Place your treats in the shredded paper; if it appears too disorderly, you can easily cover it with festive, colourful tissue paper. The objective is to load the hamper so tightly that nothing can move; therefore, be generous with packing supplies.

5. Include any final touches

You may include the following:

  • A Christmas letter.
  • Recipe suggestions for the delights.
  • A map or menu indicating where the items came from.

You may also wish to include ornamental components, such as ornaments or reusable decorations. After adding extras, place the lid on the container to finish it in style.


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