Best Five Flowers That Bloom During The Rainy Season In India!

Best Five Flowers That Bloom During The Rainy Season In India!


In the vast tapestry of India’s monsoon season, it is interesting to know about the flowers that bloom during monsoon. Monsoon is a time of lush greenery, refreshing showers, and blooming flowers. It is truly magical to experience the rainy season in India. There are certain flowers that grow only during the rainy season to put it precisely. These flowers add splendor to the rainy season all the more. The spectacle of the monsoon blooming flowers is captivating for all flower lovers and nature enthusiasts.

People in general love flowers to put it precisely. One opts for the birthday flowers delivery, the anniversary flower delivery, etc. One tends to pamper their loved ones from time to time. This is the reason that individuals are always on the lookout for seasonal flowers to make the most of gifting. It isn’t only about gifting as well. People tend to add a finer touch to home décor with seasonal flowers as well. Keeping in mind the interests and enthusiasm, we are here to talk of the best five monsoon flowers in India. Here are the best five flowers highlighted that grow during the rainy season in India:

1. Water Hyacinth: It is one flower that mainly grows in the waterlogged areas of marshes, ponds, lakes, etc. It grows mainly during the monsoon season to put it precisely. It is truly an enchanting flower, to say the least. The beautiful lavender flowers float majestically on the surface of the water. It is truly a mesmerizing sight, to say the least. It undoubtedly makes it under the list of the best five flowers that are in bloom during monsoon. Some issues have been raised about its interference with the water ecosystem to be precise.

2. Talimkhana: This flower is also known as Mountain Knotgrass. It is known as the flower of the rainy season in India. It is mainly a perennial herb that grows in grassy fields and wastelands during the monsoon season. This is one flowering plant that was used in traditional Ayurveda. It has been an important part of Ayurvedic practices where the roots were used for different treatments and therapies.

3. Blue Ipomoea: It is commonly known as the Morning Glory flowers to put it precisely. Blue Ipomoea is a climber vine that is known to be in bloom during the monsoon season in India. These flowers are known as monsoon flowers as well. The Blue Ipomoea grows in captivating shades of purple, pink, blue etc. It paints a fantastic spectacle of a riot of colors when in full bloom in all its shades. These are trumpet-like flowers that are truly breathtaking. These beautiful flowers are sure to evoke feelings of awe and wonder among the different admirers. If you are looking to send flowers to Chennai or other cities, you might send some Morning Glory flowers.

4. Indigo:More than the flowers, it is the plant that is popular to put it precisely. It is a plant with a historical significance for the matter. It is during the monsoon season that this plant is at its flourishing best. The pinkish-lilac flowers are truly ethereal to say the least. The leaves of this flowering plant produce the indigo dye which is also known as the blue dye. It has been in used in the textile industry and is a part of the cultural heritage of India.

5. Glory Lily: Glory Lily is also known as Flame Lily and is a beautiful climber vine that gives flowers during the monsoon season. The flowers are fiery red and yellow which are truly magical to look at. It is mainly regarded as an ornamental essential in different gardens and landscapes. The captivating essence of the flower is symbolic of exuberance and passion. It is truly an embodiment of the beauty of monsoon in India.

These flowers that bloom in the monsoon season remind us of the power and resilience of the beauty of nature. They never fail to uplift the spirits to be precise. Although you can buy flowers online for your loved ones, there’s a different magic in picking flowers for them. Don’t forget to pick these monsoon flowers during the rainy season and surprise them like never before. Soak in the magical allure of the monsoon flowers of the Indian landscape.


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