Is Diamond Certificate Really That Important?

Is Diamond Certificate Really That Important?


When it comes to diamond, everybody knows about the 4Cs, but, there is another ‘C’ people may not be aware of – certification. Have you ever heard about diamond certificate? If you are a first-time diamond buyer, you may not be aware of it. It is referred to as a diamond grading report that accompanies your diamond purchase. A grading report gives insights into your diamond’s quality and gives the assurance that you are getting certified diamonds from the jewelry stores in Albuquerque.  

The Importance of Diamond Certification 

Not every diamond comes with certification, and when compared, they look same whether they are certified or not. So, you may think why to bother about a diamond certificate? Well, diamond jewelry, no matter ring or bracelet or earring, is a significant purchase as well as a financial milestone. Therefore, you have to consider the documentation when you are buying a piece of diamond jewelry from the jewelers in Albuquerque

You should never underestimate the importance of diamond certificate as it the only way to ensure that the diamond being displayed matches the quality of the diamond’s characteristics you are hoping to purchase. The certificate will have the details of each of the characteristics including its cut, carat weight, color, clarity, finishing, and fluorescence of the diamond you have chosen. In America, the widely recognized diamond grading laboratory is the Gemological Institute of America. GIA grading is recognized and trusted worldwide and is favored among the most famous and reputed Albuquerque diamond jewelers

So, the certification by the reputed grading laboratory is the assurance of the diamond quality and in fact, it serves as proof of the diamond’s identity. However, the diamond certificate is different from the valuation certificate. A diamond certificate gives information about the characteristics of a diamond, but not its monetary value. 

 Valuable Tips: 

  • If you are unsure about the quality of a diamond, shoot as many as questions possible to the salesperson and ask them the details of the grading report. 
  • Knowing what you are looking for and understanding all the 4Cs, including certification, will help you find the perfect diamond jewelry. So, research well before you purchasing a piece of diamond jewelry.  
  • Make sure to get the warranty from your jeweler. Mountings and settings can loosen over time, and a warranty will cover these defects in workmanship. 
  • Never buy from a source that does not offer certificates and warranties. 

Understanding the importance of diamond certificate significantly reduces the risk of purchasing non-certified diamonds that don’t have value. The reputed jewelry stores in Albuquerque will always provide a diamond certificate with every purchase. If you are in doubt, follow your instinct. In such a case, a second option will help ensure your purchase is legitimate. 


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