Various Types of Toys and How to Choose Them

Various Types of Toys and How to Choose Them


When it comes to buying toys for babies, parents may be overwhelmed with the variety available. There is an inundation of all types of light, sensory-stimulating noise toys and child-oriented digital apps and software.

Here are a few guidelines to help parents correctly navigate the shopping world. The best toys are the ones that go with your baby’s developmental skills and encourage her to build new skills. For more visit Jaguar Business Contract Hire.

Traditional Toy Types


Kids can develop problem-solving skills with the traditional toys like shapes, blocks, trains and puzzles. These toys support fine motor skills and can enhance brain development and language.

Some of these toys can even develop early math skills.


Pretending through play characters (like dolls, action figures and animals) and play objects (such as cars, buildings, foods and utensils) help kids learn to use words, sentences and stories to simulate, describe and deal with real life situations and emotions. For more visit Jaguar Used Car.

Imagination is important here. Imaginary play is an important part of a baby’s social and mental development.


Over the past twenty years, several traditional toys have turned into electronic toys which eliminate human interaction. E.g. a toy bear can now read a story aloud or a board game can now be played through an app.

However, human interactions are necessary for a kid’s proper development. Digital toys should never substitute real, face-to-face play.

Traditional board games and card games (but not the app or video game versions) give you and your kid an opportunity to interact and have fun.


You don’t have to buy expensive arts and craft material for your kid. Instead you can encourage him to create things and art from day-to-day items like cardboard boxes or paper pads.

But of course, brand new colouring books, markers, crayons, stickers and clay too make children very happy and build creativity and enhance fine motor skills.

Physical/Gross Motor

For the physical development and improvement in peer-interaction and self-regulation, toys that include physical activity are essential.

Thus you can purchase pull along wagon at Step2 Direct, ride-on toys, balls and tricycles that can encourage their development.

Tips for Choosing Toys

Beware of Toys Labelled as “Educational”

The fact is that most computer games, tablets and apps promoted as “educational” are actually not so.

Most of them target memory skills, like shapes and ABCs. These skills are only a part of the school-readiness.

The skills actually important for children for success in school and life include flexible, creative thinking, impulse control and managing emotions. They are best achieved through social and unstructured play with friends and family.

Research says that tablet-based toys actually may delay social development in kids because they don’t include real-life gestures, facial expressions and vocalisations.

Beware of Toys that Promote Gender- or Race-based Stereotypes

All kids should get the opportunity to find various types of play and gender roles. Offer them toys that will show women and men in non-stereotypical gender roles, such working moms, male nurses, etc.

You can get a wide range of kids sports toys available at Step2 Direct that will give your child an opportunity to know all the possibilities in real life.

Find toys for your child for her overall development and enjoy watching her growing.


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