How to maintain pearl set jewellery?

How to maintain pearl set jewellery?


Pearls are always appropriate.-Jackie Kennedy

Pearls are the living jewel amongst all the gemstones present on planet earth, and there is no doubt that they are a special gift to humans. There is a reason why pearls are said to be an appropriate choice for every occasion, and this is pretty much evident from its classic, feminine, and iconic appeal. Even a single string of pearls around the neck is enough to flatter anyone and everyone present in the room. The captivating lustre and timeless beauty of pearls can make any piece of ornament shimmer.

But to make these qualities of pearls last for a longer time, one must take proper care of pearl jewellery. Yes, be it stimulated pearls or cultured, they need special care to maintain their lustre. Pearl sets need special care, mainly because of the way they are formed. An oyster secretes a lustrous nacre substance on a tiny bead or seed. The coating and thickness of the substance depend on the creature and where it stays. The more the thickness of the nacre, the higher is the quality and durability of the pearl. Remember this, the nacre is the reason behind the lustre of the pearls, and it is what makes pearls delicate.

If you want to save your pearl sets from getting its nacre chipped off and eventually lose the lustre, then you must follow proper care regime and take some measures to keep your pearls looking attractive forever. This pearl jewellery care regime includes a few steps, read further to know what are those.

  1. Cleaning of pearl set jewellery – Cleaning ornaments is a dainty task, especially if it is precious jewellery. But you do not need an expert to clean your jewellery, not at least pearl sets. You can easily do-it-yourself at home in a few steps. First, you need to lay your pearl set flat on a clean cloth. Then to clean it, prepare a solution combining mild soap with warm water. After that, take a clean new brush and gently scrub the pearls with the solution. Then rinse it off with tap water but not for more than five minutes. Soak it and let it dry on a clean cloth until dried completely.
  2. Maintenance of pearl set jewellery – Some parts of your pearl set might come off with time and use. To ensure the look of your pearl set remains the same over the years, you must maintain it well. To do so, the first thing is to check your jewellery before wearing it. Some of the important parts of pearl set jewellery to check are prong holding the pearls, screws of earrings and brooch pins, and clasps on neckpieces. Even the best of the silk threads holding the pearls can stretch and loosen with time. If it breaks, then you can end up damaging or losing pearls. Thus, it is important that you get your pearl sets restrung every year.
  3. Storage of pearl set jewellery – Storage is one of the important factors that decides the life of your pearl set jewellery. Sharp objects like diamonds can cause damage to pearls if they get rubbed against each other. Thus, you must store your pearl sets separately. The best way to store your pearl sets is to lay them in a box, preferably a fabric box. Keep each set in separate compartment or box to maintain its lustre.


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