Everything you need to know about customised rings

Everything you need to know about customised rings


Your engagement is one of the milestones of life. It involves lots of excitement, joy, love, and responsibilities. Both families come together and celebrate this grand occasion marking commitment for life. The couple exchanges ring in a ceremony attended by all close relatives and rejoice the start of a new journey.

A customised ring design is ideal if you wish to enhance your special day. It also indicates extreme love and affection for your partner. You can find variants of metal, stones, and studs in the market. However, it would help if you remembered some things before placing the order at the jeweller.

Custom pieces take more time

If you plan to create a custom gold ring, you need to consider your timeline. You can place the order on an online jewellery shopping website and reduce multiple visits to jewellers. You require time to design your ring, approve each step of the design process, and wait for your ring to be ready. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, and so start the design process well before your planned proposal date.

Set the budget

It would help if you shared it with the jeweller before collaborating on the ring. Many factors can change the cost of your customised ring, like your choice of the metal band, gemstones, and the complexity of the design. If your jeweller knows your budget, they can consider it while designing the ring.

Share your inspiration

If you plan to customise your ring, share your idea through email and chats with the jeweller. You can also conduct research and get inspiration. Look at pre-made engagement rings and save images of the desired ones. You must note what you like about them and bring them to the notice of jeweller while jewellery shopping online. They can help you discover your preferences and create the design.

Choose the precious metal

One of the best things about creating a custom engagement ring is choosing the exact materials you want. For example, you can go with traditional metal, like yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Or, you can pick something a bit more unique, like rose gold, titanium, palladium, or mixed metal design. Before you head into your custom design appointment, consider all your precious metal options and preferences.

Choose the stones

While white diamonds are the most traditional gemstones found in rings while shopping for jewellery online, you can find many other unique options when you customise them. You can find coloured diamonds like blue, pink, or yellow, and even select a precious gemstone like a blue sapphire, a ruby, or an emerald.

Enjoy the process

After placing the order for customised online jewellery, remember to relax and enjoy the creation process. Creating your engagement ring can sometimes be overwhelming since you get so many options. You can ask your jeweller for guidance. They can answer all your questions and ensure your custom creation experience is enjoyable and memorable.

How does the jeweller create your ring?

Before approaching the jeweller, you should know your partner’s style and fashion sense. Ask yourself questions like what kind of jewellery she likes, her metal preference, the preferred stone and cut, etc.

Firstly, the jewellery designer uses your ideas, drawings, and images to visualise your exclusive design concept. They create a wax or computerised model of your design and make the final adjustments. They bring your dream ring to life by crafting the element with perfection.

What are the benefits?

You can also customise other jewel articles like necklaces, bracelets, anklets, bangles, etc., for your special one. Since the process of customisation takes time, it is worth the wait. You get the desired results by placing the order from the comfort of your home, thus saving lots of time and travel. You can also refer to different jewellery catalogues available online or ask your jeweller for some ideas that may help you customise it.


You can surprise your partner with a customised ring and spend some of the most memorable moments of life. Not only will it fulfil your dream of winning your partner’s heart, but it also gives you the chance to express your feelings without much effort.


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