How To Get Your Hair To Look Like Rihanna’s

How To Get Your Hair To Look Like Rihanna’s


Hair is an issue for many of us. It’s a huge feature of our appearance, and yet it’s completely beyond our control. Well, except for Rihanna. She can make her hair do whatever she wants.

Rihanna’s hair is unmissable. From the shaved sides of brunette tresses complemented by bright red locks to the highs that are clipped into place with bobbles, her hair is an international statement about fashion, music and culture. And her latest, vibrant take on beauty has inspired thousands online to get their hair done in a similar way.

Rihanna’s hairstyle is not complicated. It is easy to achieve. You just need the best babyliss hair dryer and you can achieve the same style that brought her fame and success in a few minutes, regardless of your natural hair type.

In this article, we will share with you some tips on how you can make the hairstyle look like Rihanna’s.

Rihanna’s hair has been everything lately. The singer has sported everything from braided ponytails to fishtail buns, and it seems like her style is constantly evolving.

To get Rihanna’s look, you will need:

Get a haircut that is similar to Rihanna’s

For Rihanna’s style, you will need to cut your hair with a length that is about 2 inches above the shoulder. It needs to be layered and textured so it has movement. This haircut is best for round faces with either straight or wavy hair. You can also try adding some facial hair or highlights for this look.

Get colored contacts that are similar to Rihanna’s

Rihanna’s style features crystal blue eyes. This look works best with round or heart-shaped faces. If you have blonde, hazel, or green eyes, then try light brown lenses; if you have dark eye color, try light gray lenses. There are also prescription blue lenses available to get the full Rihanna look.

For this style, you will need to wear blue contact lenses that are opaque. If it is too difficult for you to find contacts similar to Rihanna’s, then paint your upper eyelid blue or use eyeshadow instead. This look works best with any eye shape.

Apply a texturizing cream or gel to your hair and scrunch it with your fingers

Apply a texturizing cream or gel to your hair and scrunch it with your fingers. Then, apply a medium hold hairspray while lifting the front of your head to create volume while you let the back air dry. Make sure that you don’t touch the hair near your face after the hairspray.

Curling iron and flat iron your hair. When you curl it, leave the ends out and keep the front away from your face. The best type of curling iron to use is a one-inch barrel curling iron. If you want extra volume, then add some baby powder or dry shampoo before using your hot tools; this will help create volume.

Use hairspray on your roots to create volume at the top of your head

Rihanna’s hair is different from most people’s. It’s not just long, it’s also full of volume at the top of her head. How does she get that effect? It turns out she uses hairspray on her roots.

For most people, the top of the head is where they want their hair to be thickest; they want volume. For Rihanna, it’s the opposite: she wants the volume to be at the roots. Why? Because volume at the roots means her real hair is less visible when it hangs down, which makes it look longer. And because volume at the roots also means her hair looks thicker in the back; which in turn makes her face look smaller and more delicate, which is part of her style.

Flipping your head upside down gives you another perspective on how she does it. The trick is to use a combination of hairspray on your roots and mousse or gel on the rest of your hair to achieve this result.

If you have short hair, you can do this by spraying your hair with hairspray before putting on a shower cap while you take a shower, then rinsing it out after about 5 minutes or so while you finish showering.

Add some bobby pins in strategic places for extra hold

Rihanna’s hairstyle is one of the most copied looks of all time, and we’re here to help you get that look. This style is achieved by sweeping hair away from the face and putting some bobby pins in strategic places for extra hold.

The trick to getting this look is to add a few curls at the ends with some hair rollers and let your hair air dry. Make sure you put the curlers in before you go to bed and then let it set while you sleep. You can also add a few curls with a curling iron if you want some more texture in the front.

Optional – add extensions to make hair look longer and fuller!

Let’s be honest, Rihanna is a trendsetter. Her hair is perfect! She has the best hair in the world, hands down! Now I’m not saying that you can’t have great hair without extensions, but if you are trying to achieve that “Lioness” look, then extensions are probably for you.

You can get human or synthetic extensions. Human hair extensions are more expensive so you have to be very dedicated. But they are worth it if you want to have the best looking Lioness-like mane of hair.

As far as synthetic goes, there are many options available. You can get clip-in extensions if you don’t want to go under the needle. There are also tape-ins which can be done by yourself at home with very little skill needed. If you do decide to go under the needle for tape ins, make sure not to put them too close to your scalp or else that area will become thin and if any of the hairs come out then your scalp will show through.

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