Things to Consider Before Buying A Women’s Watch

Things to Consider Before Buying A Women’s Watch


In recent years wrist watches have not only become popular among men but also women. Many women love to wear a watch adding to their style statement. But, how to get a watch which suits to your personality? In this article, we have mentioned some factors that are to be considered before buying women’s watches.

  • Consider the style of the watch: When looking for a women’s watch then do consider the shape and size of the dial and the style of the watch. The traditional and classic shape of the dial continues to be round but some women might prefer to go bold and choose the masculine square-shaped dial for the watch. Rectangular watches are very chic styled and it can be fun to try other extraordinary shapes. The selection of a specific styled watch majorly depends on the occasion. Casual watches are perfect for everyday wear. For a date or a party, you can go with jewelry watches. If going to any sports event then do wear a sports watch.
  • Consider the size of the wrist: It is important to consider the size of the wrist of a woman when choosing a timepiece. Usually, the wrist of women ranges from 5 to 7 inches in circumference. Watchmakers style the women’s watch based on their wrist size and thus, the dial usually has a diameter from 22 to 34 mm. It should also be noted that the size of the watch may also vary with the type of the watch (casual or jewelry watch). The dial of sports and the casual watch is much larger and wider compared to the jewelry watch.
  • Know the type of watch’s movement: Before buying any watch it is essential to decide the movement of watch you want to go with. There are mainly two types of movements that are used to make a watch- mechanical movement and quartz movement. Mechanical movement watches are traditional and require careful engineering. Whereas, quartz movement watches involve a battery that is to be charged after every few years. The quartz movement watches show accurate time compared to the watches having mechanical movement. Though quartz watches are considered modern-day watches but many women love the traditional mechanical watches.
  • Look for the material of the watch: The look of the watch is the most vital aspect for women and the look depends upon the materials used to make a watch. Women love to wear watches made of gold and there are different shades of gold that are used in women’s watches. The shades of gold that are high in demand are classic yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and pink gold. Sometimes women desire to wear more of a masculine and solid-looking watch. In such a case, watches made of stainless steel are the best choice to go with.
  • Deciding to go with strap or bracelet: You can see a variety of straps and bracelets in women’s watches. Straps can be in rubber or leather but mostly it is leather, which looks undeniably stylish. The color of the strap is matched with the color of the dial. There are also straps made of rubber that are cheap and can be easily cleaned in comparison to leather straps. After straps, there comes a watch made up of a bracelet. These can be made by using stainless steel or gold and a combination of gold and platinum.

Bottom Line

We hope the above-mentioned article proves useful to you and you can get the watch of your choice. If you are a promoter of an eco-friendly environment then do consider buying citizen eco drive watches.


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