An Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Men’s watch

An Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Men’s watch


Watches do more than just telling the time. They have diverse uses and so are categorized according to what they offer. Here is the complete information and ultimate guide to purchasing watches for men.

The first term that you come across while gathering information about watches is, ‘movement’. This not only includes the movement of its hands around the face but also the mechanism behind this movement. The movement of the watch can be considered as its heart as it makes the watch tick.

Watch movements can be categorized into three types- Mechanical, Automatic, and Quartz. Here are a few facts about the different types of watches available.

Mechanical watches – These watches have a coiled wire of metal that is wound on a hand and is called the mainspring. When you wind the mainspring, it unwinds slowly and makes the second’s hand move smoothly. These mainsprings are generally 5-13 inches long.  The length of the mainspring directly affects its power reserve. The longer the mainspring, the longer the watch will work between windings. These watches have a lot of character as they require exceptional craftsmanship and engineering. Small gears and springs are working rhythmically to give you the exact time. A mechanical watch requires regular winding, but that is the charm that attracts people. These watches can burn a hole in your pocket as they are quite expensive.

Automatic watches – Automatic watches work more or less in the same manner as mechanical watches. The only difference is that you don’t have to wind them regularly. Your movement throughout the day automatically winds the watch while wearing. Automatic watches have a small weight called a rotor that winds the watch with the movement of your wrist. As these watches are wound with the movement of your wrist, you need to wear them regularly or put them in a watch winder when not in use. Otherwise, your display will get stuck and you will have to reset it when you wear it after some days. Just like mechanical watches, these watches are also accurate but pretty expensive.

Quartz watches – These watches are powered by a small battery and are affordable by one and all. The battery sends electricity to a small quartz crystal making it vibrate. These vibrations are converted to a pulse that moves the second hand of the watch. They produce a distinct ticking sound because of these electric pulses. As these watches are powered by electricity rather than moving parts, they are more durable than mechanical or automatic watches. They are preferred by athletes and sportsmen because of their accuracy and durability. These are by far the most accurate watches.

While a basic wristwatch tells the time, others have features like date, time, calendar, and even watches showing phases of the moon. There are others that come with alarms, power reserve indicators, and chronograph; the list is endless.

Selecting the perfect watch:

Don’t go overboard while choosing a watch for yourself as the latest trendy watch may not look good on your wrist. Choose a watch that is well-proportioned concerning your wrist and hand. An oversized watch may look garish while a smaller one looks more like a lady’s watch. As a rule, if the circumference of your wrist is 5 to 7 inches the diameter of the watch should be 38-42 mm.

Wrapping up

A watch is a style statement that speaks volumes about you. You can go for a luxury brand if you can afford and wear it with pride. Browse through the large variety of watches available and surprise your friends and family on special occasions. Gift sets of watches in all price-range are easily available and make for a sensible gift.


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