6 Useful Tips To Skyrocket Your Mobile Gaming Experience

6 Useful Tips To Skyrocket Your Mobile Gaming Experience


Mobile gaming is undoubtedly one of the best pastime activities. The indulgence is clearly undeniable. So, it’s obvious for us to love our little gadget friend given the amount of fun it lets us have. However, we haven’t unlocked all of the wonders of our phones yet. There are still hidden pleasures seeking to be discovered. Without proper tips and tricks, we might never be able to find them. Similarly, there are some ways using which we can skyrocket our mobile gaming experience.

Wireless headphones

Every gamer knows the importance of sound in games. It is just as crucial as the visuals. Now, obviously, you can play the game sounds using your phone speaker, but it will not ensure the best experience. For an enhanced feeling, go for a pair of good wireless headphones. They don’t restrict your bodily movements like wired headphones and usually have better quality. If you are interested in technical tips and tricks, visit fadedandblurred.com for more.


Have you ever lost the touch function during an intense match of your favorite mobile game? We all have. No matter how expensive your phone is, it is bound to malfunction at the wrong time and enrage you. Nothing feels worse than losing a game just because your phone’s screen misbehaved. This is why you need controllers. You can simply connect a good controller to your mobile phone and ensure that you win at all times.

Gaming mode

Almost all phones these days come with an inbuilt feature called the gaming mode. Turning this feature on as you hop on to a steamy round of your favorite mobile game will make sure you are not distracted. The gaming mode boosts the random access memory by itself, turns off auto-brightness, and blocks messages and calls when you are playing. However, you have the option of answering the phone using the speaker mode. So, you get the best of both worlds.

Battery pack

Mobile games suck the battery out of your phone, but it depends a lot on the battery back up of your phone. So it is always advisable to buy a gaming phone in the first place but, if you made the mistake of buying a phone with an average battery backup, it is fine too. You can simply buy a battery pack and keep it close at all times. This wonderful gadget lets you charge your phone without the hassle of wires that your phone charger comes with. Battery packs are super portable.

5 GHz Wi-Fi

The tantrums of your internet connection can really mess up with your performance in mobile games. You must remember that you are competing against people that only want to win. In order to save yourself from the frustration that comes from a bad internet connection, go for gaming with 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

PC streaming

Everyone has a game on their PC that they want to play on their mobile phone, but they can not because their phone can’t take the load of such heavy computer games. Now you don’t have to worry because, with applications like Steam Link, you can let your PC take the load while you stream your game on your mobile phone.


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