4 Wearable Ways to Advertise Your Company Logo

4 Wearable Ways to Advertise Your Company Logo


Capitalize on that awesome logo by showcasing it on a variety of wearable items. Businesses do not need to rely only on the advertising available online, on signs or word of mouth. Anyone who wears the printed items automatically advertises for your business. Here are some popular ways to showcase your brand.


Ball caps offer a great way to showcase your company logo. Simply decide on where you want to place it and the type of cap to use. Go with a mesh back and the logo proudly displayed on the front. Or choose a more subtle option such as a large postage stamp on the bill. Either way, printed headwear Sacramento CA instantly showcases your company while keeping your customer or employee shaded from the sun.


Not only should you consider offering employees company shirts but offer these shirts up for sale and giveaways. Choose a regular t-shirt for the company picnic, or opt for a dry-fit polo shirt clients cannot wait to wear to the golf course. These shirts are awesome for easy customization. You can choose a variety of sizes, colors or events to advertise for.


While not necessarily wearable, koozies are a convenient way to advertise your business. Slap the logo on one and watch them easily advertise for you. These keep a variety of canned beverages cold from beer drinkers to sodas to sparkling water. They make easy giveaway options at tradeshows and other large sponsored events.


A jacket or hoodie offers cold weather advertising for your business. Employees often find these very useful and nice wearing them to the office, lunch and on the weekends. While they may normally talk about your business during office hours, having something they love to wear can keep your business name moving about their circle outside of work hours. These fun ways to wear the company logo provide great, easy advertising for businesses.


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