Victoria Barbara – 2020 Fashion Trends for Women Over 40

Victoria Barbara – 2020 Fashion Trends for Women Over 40


Many women in their 40’s are not sure what to wear when it comes to the latest fashion styles and trends. However, most women who are fortunate to look younger than their age and have a good body shape can choose a wide variety of clothes for themselves. It is the ones that are on the heavier side that choosing the latest in fashion becomes a challenge.

Victoria Barbara – 2020 fashion trends perfect for older women

Victoria Barbara is a popular fashion blogger from New York in the USA reputed for her high end and street style fashion. For women over 40 years who wish to look super chic and elegant this year, she recommends the following tips-

  1. Shorts suits- Do you remember Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman? Her shorts suits became a craze then, and they are back this year in 2020. They come in different styles and colors. You can also wear them with oversized blazers. You can wear matching shorts and blazers, or you can wear contrasting colors. Both look classy and stylish. So, if you are looking for an elegant and chic look, shorts suits are the thing for you.
  2. Bermuda shorts- Bermuda shorts are back, and they were quite popular last summer. These shorts do not have to be short. They look elegant and sophisticated when you team them up with a nice knit top or blazer. They come in many colors and materials. You can also choose the denim option this year.
  3. Waistcoats- Waistcoats have come back in the 2020s. They were quite popular on the runways of Burberry and Sai Deron. These waistcoats like feminine and very sleek. The necklines of these waistcoats are quite flattering, and they are best paired with nice trousers for evening wear.
  4. Polo shirts- They look lovely with a nice pair of trousers and feminine with a skirt. It is a great alternative to the basic round neck t-shirt that has been around for a long time.
  5. Mini dress- If you are a woman over 40 years who does not like to play by the rules and confident when it comes to sporting a mini dress, buy one for your wardrobe this 2020. However, this is the year of the rising hemline. The skirts or dresses look classy but do not go too short. Stick to the age-old rules that if you wish to show your legs, cover up on top!
  6. Turtle necks- Turtle necks are going to be everywhere this year. They can be worn under your shirt and even with jewelry. This is a fashion trend that you can start now. Though you might feel that turtle necks are very regular in appeal, she recommends you to try the under the shirt look. This style is a very strong one and will be hugely seen in 2020 a lot.

Victoria Barbara says there is no age and limitations to fashion and style. You should know what you like and wish to pull off with confidence. As celebrities, it is never too late for anyone to start their own style, so keep the above tips in mind and enjoy your 40’s with style and fashion today!


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