What Are the Various Kinds of Hair Types?

What Are the Various Kinds of Hair Types?


For most of the men and women, the pride and joy are their hair. For many women, their Hair is their pride and joy. Some people have straight to curly hair or kinky hair style. Every hair of a woman is contrasted from each other in a different and amazing way on its own. The manner you style the hair is preference matter yet you understand that your hair has few limits. Sometimes your hair tends to become easily frizzy or do not want to hold the curls. These are the things which you are unable to control yet you can know how to work with them. The Preen hair salon styles your hair based on your taste and preference. When you know your type of hair and the way to care it then this is the important point for your beautiful and healthy hair. Let’s discuss about various types of hair and textures for exploring the better items, haircuts, and techniques of styling.

Different types of hair kinds

Every human being has variance in different kinds of hair which you think in easier terms like straight or curly. You can find many subcategories of types of hair. Understanding your hair type and styling it in a proper way makes you hair beautiful. The different kinds of hari types are wavy, kinky, curly, and straight.


This kind of hair consists of natural wave and it is thicker. The subcategories of this hair are of three types.

  • It is fine and thin along with s-shaped waves which are simple to style.
  • This seems little frizzier than the kind 2A. This hair is normally medium thick and wavy.
  • It is thick, coarse, and wavy hair which comes with frizz and becomes complicated to style it.


Kinky hair kind has well defined curls with tight type of hairstyle. It is a bit coarse in texture yet sensitive and prone for the damage easily by product and heat. It has various subcategories like

  • This hair seems soft texture with well defined and tight kinks of curls.
  • This type hair consists of tight curls yet they are less defined fragile and soft.
  • This type of hair has curls that are tight with curls which might not look curly at all.


The curly type of hair become straight when your hair wet but becomes curly when it dries of. The curly hair has springy curls which is defined clearly and it is easier to style. It has three subcategories.

  • This type of hair has well defined curls with lots of shine and thick texture which seems to be frizzy.
  • This kind of hair has mixed textures and tight curls.
  • This sort of hair has tight kinks and tight curls which are simple to style.


This type of hair kind is straight which tends to turn shiny and greasy. It becomes grea faster than the hair that is curly as the oil from scalp travels all the way in your hair. There are about three subcategories in hair.

  • It is fine and straight.
  • It is straight and it is thicker with medium volume and texture.
  • It is still straight and seems coarse, shiny, and thick.

Thus, these are some of the hair types which a person or woman can possess and style it.


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