Tips To Achieve the Country-Style Fashionable Look For Women

Tips To Achieve the Country-Style Fashionable Look For Women


Achieving a country-themes look for women is not that complicated. Some people think that a lot of things are going on in order to achieve it. So if you love how Dolly Parton dresses up with that country flair, then here are some of the most important things that you need to know before you start shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories at the website.

The Right Pants or Skirt

For a country look, the first thing to look for would be the right pants, shorts, or skirts. This part is easier for women because there are plenty of options to choose from. For a country look, jeans are still the classic go-to choice. For the younger generation, jeans with studs and sparkles on the front and the back pockets are very popular.

The Country-Style Shirt

When it comes to women’s tops, there are different colours, styles, and prints for you to choose from. For country-inspired prints, go for the plaids, rustic florals, and embroidery. If you want to go for a more classic-option, go for the long-sleeved button-downs. Some women prefer to have their long-sleeved shirts rolled up to give it a country look.

Preferred Dress Styles

If you love wearing dresses, then you can choose the ones that are loose or airy. There are plenty of summer-style dresses that has a sway to them. The dress should be a loose fit while some have a bodice with a flowing skirt. If you want to go for printed materials, choose the ones with light, floral prints. You can also go for studded or with fringed detail or leather belt as an accessory. But if you are going out, a dress with nice embroidery, lace, or beading is the most country-styled.

The Cowboy Hat

No matter what your ensemble is, the cowboy hat will instantly turn your look into country. Both men and women have plenty of cowboy hat options. It can be made of felt or straw that comes in different colours. But for women, some would prefer cowboy hats with adornments like studs and rhinestones.

Never Go Out Without The Boots

What’s probably going to complete your country look is wearing the right boots. Women can choose from a wide array of cowboy, fashionable boots to pick from. It comes in different materials and styles. Some are tooled leather boots with squared-off toes while others have embroideries on them with pointed toes. It is fun to mix these boots with your dresses, jeans, and shirts. No matter which you prefer, your cowboy boots will surely complete the look.

Going for the country-style starts with your get-up. There are now plenty of online stores that specifically offers country fashion both for men and women. So ensure that you buy from these stores instead of purchasing somewhere else.


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