Benefits of Clothing Alterations

Benefits of Clothing Alterations


It’s a little more hassle to get shirts tailored than buying new ones off the shelf. You’ve got to find a good tailor first. Then you have to make two trips to the shop with each dress being changed, one to drop off the clothes and one to pick them up and try them on each time.

Alterations, however, can be worth the extra effort. There are many reasons why it is always a better bet to get your old clothes changed than to buy new:

Fit Perfect.

With measurements that fall similar to the norm, the clothes you purchase off the rack are designed to match a standardized body. Real bodies, though, aren’t one-size-fits-all. The dimensions of each person are slightly different, so the best you can typically hope for when you buy off the rack is a fit that is “good enough.” But by adjusting your off-the-rack purchases, you can make them fit like they were made for you and a fraction of the cost of real custom-tailoring.

Size Shifting.

Your body is not only different from that of someone else; it doesn’t always remain the same from year to year. So if you’ve lost 10 pounds in the past year last winter’s pants that suit you well are likely to look a little baggy this winter. If you get the weight back, you could either give them away or keep them in the closet, but with just a minor change, you can continue to wear them and save yourself the hassle of buying new ones.

Styles Changing.

Fashions change from year to year, and since they look dated, clothes that still have plenty of life left in them sometimes end up trapped in the back of the closet. However, it is sometimes as straightforward to bring them up to date as raising a hemline or removing a pair of bulky shoulder pads. Even replacing the buttons with a more modern design may give a fresh new look to a garment.

Keeping decent on your own.

In ways that show a little more than you’d like, small adjustments will prevent your clothes from slipping, falling, and gaping. E.g., small snaps between the front buttons on a shirt can be inserted by busty ladies to keep it neatly closed at all times. By inserting tiny loops on the insides of the shoulders to snap over their bra straps and hold the blouse in place, women with narrow shoulders can prevent their blouses from falling above them.

Saving Old Favorites.

Wearable clothes don’t necessarily have to go in a rag bag. By substituting a lining or turning a worn collar, it is often possible to prolong their life. But even though it is unlikely, by making an exact duplicate of the dress, a professional tailor in Singapore may sometimes keep your old favourites alive. This is an expensive service, but it might be worth it for a garment that you love and can’t replace.

Take benefit of offers.

Often on a sales rack or in a thrift store, you find a wonderful bargain, but it just doesn’t quite suit. It would be best if you took it to a tailor instead of passing up the deal and having the clothes altered to match. If the price is low enough, the overall cost is always less than paying retail, even after modifications.


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