Melbourne And Engagement Rings

Melbourne And Engagement Rings


The Engagement Ring has always been the centre-piece of any formal wedding, particularly in the Western World. Australia is no exception. And Melbourne is where Australians go, to choose their most treasured Engagement Rings. Exquisite design is combined with the purest of noble metals and precious stones to produce unique rings that will be treasured by the newly engaged all their lives. It is even whispered that Melbourne’s engagement rings have a mysterious power to hold any marriage together. Anything that is felt to be a shield against the breakup of couples is bound to be esteemed. Traditionally, happy Australian couples have travelled to Melbourne to order and secure in person this most precious of their possessions. But the Covid19 Pandemic has created an abnormal situation. Australia is no exception. Shops and Showrooms are being shut down everywhere, and given the very personal nature of engagements rings, their sales through the physical outlets have fallen sharply. But strangely enough, overall sales have fallen only marginally. The real credit for this goes to the widespread use of online sales of Retail jewelry that Melbourne buyers have already been exposed to well before the advent of the Pandemic. Couples have been buying their engagement rings Melbourne on the online for quite some time now.

Melbourne Rings Online

Some reasons why engaged couples buy their engagement rings Melbourne online, are as follows:

  • In most purchases of engagement rings, buying on the online is 30% to 40% cheaper than buying directly in physical stores.
  • This is because most engagement rings center on the Diamond.
  • Now Diamonds have a special value to the happy couple and the parents, given the sheer beauty and timelessness of this wonderful stone.
  • There is also the age-old tradition of the luck that Diamonds bring to an engagement.
  • But the way Diamonds are sold and distributed, they are less expensive for online vendors.
  • Shopping on the internet means that the buyer gets a vast selection of conflict-free certified diamonds and beautiful settings at competitive prices.
  • The band of the ring is generally quite simple, though Melbourne is famous for their finely incised intricate decoration on the band, and the use of nearly 100% pure noble metal without sacrificing hardness is a secret that Melbourne Jewelers have kept to themselves till now.
  • The best thing about buying online in the time of Corona is that the whole process is infection-free, and without danger to the buyers and the sellers.

The Best

Some of the best rings in Melbourne are now sold Retail by SH Jewelry, Franco, Klepner’s, Ellissi, Trewarne, Joseph George, and Bevilles. Each of these top class companies are well setup to sell their products online.



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