4 Quick Ways To Relax When You Are Frazzled

4 Quick Ways To Relax When You Are Frazzled

We all go through times when life seems to speed up, and we feel like we are being sucked in a vortex of things that need our attention now. Working faster doesn’t seem to help, so it’s best to find some time to step away from the craziness and relax your body and frazzled mind. If this describes your current state, here are four ways to step out of Crazyville and find some moments of peace.

Read Inspirational Sayings

Quiet your mind by reading your favorite inspirational scriptures or quotes. If you don’t know where to begin, try one of the Psalms in the Bible or a poem by your favorite poet. Read them slowly and think about each word and how it applies to your current situation. If a passage or quote grabs your attention, consider writing it out on an index card and posting it where you will see it often throughout your day.

Listen to Music

Pop on your earbuds or noise-cancelling headphones and listen to whatever type of music soothes you or fills your mind with happy memories. If you love being outdoors, stream the sounds of nature and relax into your happy place.

Do a Yoga Sequence

Stress often causes your body to tense up and yoga is an excellent way to calm it down again. Always start your sequence with closed eyes and a few long, slow breaths. Let your mind go on coast mode as your body moves from pose to pose. As your muscles relax, your mind will follow.

Try Soothing Water

Whether it’s slowly sipping a cup of hot herbal tea or relaxing in a warm bubble bath, water has a soothing effect on the body. Take a couple of relaxing breaths as you enjoy your water of choice.

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The next time Crazyville comes calling for you, try one of these activities to calm your body and mind.


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