Art Gifting Guide for this Festive Season

Art Gifting Guide for this Festive Season


You have been stressing your brain, putting a lot of hours browsing the internet to find the right gift for your knowns for this festive season, but still… you’ve found nothing exciting.

Let us tell you a secret- even for an individual who owns everything, a piece of art makes an astounding gift. It shows your good feelings and hard efforts for gift giving. Festivals are wonderful times to present an artwork to relatives and peers.

The idea of presenting artwork to someone as a gift seems intimidating but how many times have you came across any art and uttered “Wonderful! This is so perfect for him or her?” Perhaps you have witnessed a picture and immediately recall the person who would like it. Few artworks are special more than anything else so it’s all about choosing the right one for the recipient.

Before starting with art gifting suggestions, here is a quick art gifting guide for this festive season.

Tip 1: Know the recipient’s preferences

Before you actually purchase any artwork, you should have an idea of the recipient’s choice. You should know their liking for colors, style, as well as interior décor. Whether they prefer neutral or bold colors or vintage or contemporary style. Choose the painting accordingly.

Tip 2: Are they fan of any artists?

If you know about their favourite artist, you have got a plus point here. You can gift any artwork from the collection of their beloved artist. Or if you don’t have any idea about the artist, you should try to find about their preference of art such as devotional, floral, abstract, etc.

Tip 3: Where the artwork is supposed to be hanged?

It is advised that next time when you visit the residence of the recipient, pay attention to the vacant walls and areas. It will help you buy the best piece of artwork for that particular space or wall.

Now, these are the top 3 tips that you should focus on before buying a piece of artwork for any of your relatives or friends.

It’s now a turn for the artwork suggestions!

Best Artwork Gifts for Different Personalities

For a Creative Person

  • Abstract Painting

If the recipient has a creative or artistic personality, abstract painting is just meant for them. These artworks are deemed unrealistic but unique. It may be difficult for you to comprehend these extremely creative paintings but an artistic mind can find beauty in them. These artworks can be decorated in any space to change the aura.

For a Nature-lover

  • Floral Paintings

If any of your friends or relative has a nature-loving character, they would love to get a floral painting as a gift. Your floral artwork gift will make a considerable change in the recipient’s home atmosphere as it spreads positivity, elminiates stress with its beauty. Instead of giving a bouquet of real flowers to your knowns, gift a floral painting that will remain a part of their home for longer.

  • Landscape Paintings

Landscape painting is another extraordinary choice for nature lovers. These artworks show natural beauty like mountains, rivers, greenery, aquatic life, and more. These artworks will make them feel rejuvenated after a long day at work. Be ready to be applauded by the recipient for such a lovely festival present!

For a Devotee

  • Pichwai Paintings

For those who have a devotional personality, you can get Pichwai painting as a gift for this festive season. This 400-years old art style is trending even today for its visually appealing elements. This particular artwork demonstrates the stories of Lord Krishna and is the best gift for festivals like Janamashtmi, Raksha Bandhan, and Holi.

  • Pattachitra Paintings

Another great piece of artwork for devotees is Pattachitra painting. These paintings are made on cloth with natural dyes. Just like Pichwai artworks, these paintings also depict the tales of  Lord Krishna and Radha ji. Some paintings also come with stories of Lord Ganesha making it perfect for festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali.


The fun of festivals gets doubled when the recipients like your gift. And, these pieces of art are sure to impress anyone without any doubt. They can change the aura of any interior in no time. Remember, you can gift an artwork from this list to yourself too!

Comment your choice of paintings from this list.


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