4 Tips So Your Dressing Style Doesn’t Become a Fashion Crime

4 Tips So Your Dressing Style Doesn’t Become a Fashion Crime


In the world of fashion, not all clothes can be mixed and matched to be stylish. Sometimes, if you don’t mix and match clothes properly, it actually makes you trapped in fashion crime. What is the real fashion crime ? Fashion crime is a term used for people who use fashion items inappropriately and even not according to the occasion. So, so that you don’t become one of the perpetrators of ‘fashion crimes’, consider the following tips.

Not Exposing Too Many Body Parts

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a mini skirt or crop top. But, don’t ever try to use those 2 fashion items at the same time, girls. You have to choose which parts to expose. Because, if you wear them together, you will look ‘ too much skin’, and make your appearance less than optimal. You can match a mini skirt with a tee slogan, or maybe your crop top with a midi skirt.

Don’t Wear Leggings with Short Tops

Well, this also doesn’t let you wear leggings as pants, but you wear a top that’s only limited to the waist. If you want to use leggings as pants, you can use an oversized tee or an oversized sweater which will actually make you cuter. Or you can also opt for cool t-shirts and just choose the size bigger than your usual size to make your outfit more extraordinary.

Not Too Much Wearing Clothes with Branded Logo

There’s nothing wrong with wearing branded clothes, wearing branded clothes from head to toe doesn’t hurt either. But, you have to work around it to keep it looking cool and not too much. The trick, don’t wear clothes that have a picture or a brand logo pattern at the same time from head to toe. Wearing clothes with big branded logos together will actually make you too much and less classy. So you should choose the one that you want to wear and you can consul with Federal defense lawyer in Oklahoma.

Wearing “Denim on Denim” on the Right Occasion

Do you remember the fashion disaster that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake did at the 2001 American Music Awards? Yep, this moment has become a legend among fashion lovers. Because, at that time ‘ denim on denim was not in trend and this couple wore it at the wrong event. Actually, you can copy this ‘ denim on denim’ look. But, make sure you wear it at the right event. For example, to take a walk to the mall or just hangout with friends. Oh yeah, and make sure you don’t wear double denim of the same color. You can match dark blue denim jacket withlight blue boyfriend jeans, add slogan tees and sneakers to further support your casual style.


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