Wearing Jewellery As Per Your Zodiac Sign: A Guide

Wearing Jewellery As Per Your Zodiac Sign: A Guide


Jewellery is a perfect thing to gift anyone. However, the trouble with selecting jewellery is what, we are not sure about most of the time. One easy option is to choose jewellery according to their star sign. This is a fantastic gift and something that can bring luck and goodwill to the person you are gifting them to.

Here is a simple guide on what you can buy depending on the star sign:


Aries are optimistic and most courageous people. They look at the positives out of any situation. The gemstone that suits them is the shining diamonds. You could wear a diamond ring made of silver or gold on your little finger for attracting good vibes and good luck.

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Taurus are fun-loving people and also most comforting of all star signs. They are looking for pleasure and can sometimes be stubborn about their decisions. A rose Quartz stone brings in all that they desire and keeps them motivated. You could wear it as any type of jewellery such as rings, pendants, lockets or earrings too.


Geminians are people who savour every moment of their lives. They have a clear head and often make the best decisions. Pearls, like the moon, are the gemstones for Gemini. They help in keeping the mind stable and improve the quality of life. Pearls can be worn as a ring or earring made of gold or silver.  Many websites list 22k gold earrings designs with price, to choose the best one easily, from the comfort of your house.


Cancerians are creative and faithful. Always generous to others, they are emotional, fun-loving and good at understanding their abilities. Rubies are the gemstones for Cancerians. Again, this can be worn as a ring on the ring finger to get the best results.


People who are born with Leo as their star sign are warm, caring and make friends easily. They have a big heart and they bring warmth to any relationship. The stone for Leo is Peridot. Wearing a peridot ring, pendant or bracelet can protect the wearer from nightmares.  Many websites also display many designs to choose from. For more Designs install the Mellora app from Playstore.


Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are practical, reliable and very intelligent. If you have a secret, Virgos are the best ones as they keep secrets for life. Sapphires are the best gemstones for Virgos. They can be worn as rings in gold or silver.


Librans try to keep everyone around them very happy and in an effort to do that they get stressed. The best gemstone to wear for them would be Opal. It helps in keeping them strong and keeps them away from negativity. A necklace, pendant which is made of silver, platinum or gold is the best way to wear the opal stones.


Scorpios are mentally very strong people. They always put in their best efforts into everything they do. Among all the star signs, Scorpios make the best partners. The gemstone for Scorpio is topaz. They can be worn as a ring on the index finger to receive benefits.


Sagittarians are open-hearted and they have wanderlust bug in them. They are very generous and they can be trusted with anything. Turquoise is the stone for activating a positive mindset and to attract love and friendship. This can be worn either as a pendant or a ring.


Capricorns are smart and very hardworking. They give equal importance to their personal and professional lives. The stone that brings benefit to Capricorns is a garnet. It helps in eliminating all negative energies and also repels bad vibes.


The most original and progressive, Aquarians are shy and do not like compromising. Amethyst gives them much-needed healing properties and helps in leading a peaceful life. A ring goes perfectly well with an amethyst stone.

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Spiritual and compassionate people, Pisceans are also wise and love music. They are ruled by water and hence an aquamarine stone is perfect for them. It brings them positivity and happiness. Wear the aquamarine stone with platinum or white gold as a ring for its full effects.

So, what are you waiting for? Check your star sign and order the compatible jewellery right away for more happiness and to attract positivity in life.


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