Tips To Make Her Happy on Engagement Day

Tips To Make Her Happy on Engagement Day


Wedding engagements can be elaborate and ceremonious. While some like to make it a private gathering with important people. However, you have planned your engagement day, announcing to people, the big decision you have made is the major occasion followed by the classic ring ceremony. Despite the pandemic situation, you need not give up the joy of buying engagement rings for your special day. You have plenty of options to buy engagement rings online

After having dated each other for weeks, months, or even years, you would get engaged only when you both decide that the other person is perfect for each other. Once this big choice of your life is made, it is time to celebrate this and make it as memorable as you can.

Special Things You Could Do for Her:

Here are three things that you can do that will prove to her how much she matters to you.

  • Make an AV reel of all the pictures of her (without you) that you can collect. Keep an eye out for cute childhood pictures, emotional moments, her special moments of life like her graduation day or her eighteenth birthday, etc. This makes her feel that you have accepted everything about her and what matters to her will also mean a lot to you.
  • Plan for a get-together to happen right after you engaged with her favorite couple. It could be her sister and her husband, her bestie and her boyfriend, or even her mom and dad. Make sure that those are the people whose company she loves the most. This tells her you are readily willing to gel in her world.
  • Book her for a solo trip to her favorite destination. Choose a place that you know is safe and secured for her and that she could enjoy being there instead of missing you. This can show her you respect her need for space and privacy and you are never a threat to her freedom.

If you think any of these ideas are not for your girl, casually talk to her on this subject in your private time with her, maybe while checking out engagement rings online. Explain the why’s behind your actions for her to understand. Talk to her and gently explain why individuals need their personal space and my time and the need to spend time with themselves despite being in love and having many people outside to spend their life and time with.


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