Remi Landau – An Overview of Creative Design in Fashion

Remi Landau – An Overview of Creative Design in Fashion


When it comes to style and fashion, the design of the item speaks a thousand words. When it comes to different eras and the styles expressed visually, you will find that the fashion designer holds the reins of details in the images they draw both globally and locally. This is a technique that restricts the efforts involved when it comes to delivering a scene. A creative design invokes a definite statement about what is significant, and it streamlines an understanding of how the fashion world can be perceived.

Remi Landau – A talented fashion designer with a creative vision

Remi Landau is an eminent fashion designer from New York, and she mainly works on the creation of new designs for the social nightwear line owned by her company. Once she completes a design, it is converted into a sample for her company’s upcoming clothing line.

In order to work productively in her role, she leverages her invaluable background in the entertainment and legal industries. When she was pursuing her graduation from Syracuse University, she was an intern with legal companies and entertainment organizations that gave her the opportunity to collaborate with editorial and marketing teams. Here, she had to work with the clients directly so that they were comfortable during events, and their expectations and needs were effectively taken care of.

When she was in college, she belonged to the Sigma Delta Tau sorority, the Hillel Jewish Student Union, and the Entrepreneurship Class.

How does vision impact fashion design?

When it comes to fashion design, you need vision, and contrary to popular belief, this vision is effortless and simple. This is due to the fact that under most general circumstances, the creator does not need to place extra effort or exertion when it comes to making something creative. It is a natural and spontaneous process that occurs. The process is so trivial that it is like a ray of light that falls on a dark stone and warms it up.

Bringing in a positive difference to your client

Fashion is dynamic in nature. You will often see new trends disappearing overnight and some trends staying popular for years. This is where fashion designers need to think out-of-the-box with their ideas. They should research well and know the needs of the common market so that they can cater to their targeted clientele well with their creative designs.

When it comes to the world of fashion, vision is the urge and deep desire to do outstanding work to bring a positive difference to the client. Good stylists and fashion designers work with vision daily, and though they have substantial experience and expertise, they focus on the bigger picture with visual clarity.

Remi Landau sums up by saying that great fashion designers are inspired by vision. This pushes them forward to create great work and build solid relationships with their clients that understand their value of creative and strategic thinking. Fashion designers need to exercise their creative talent with unwavering commitment, a consistent dedication, and have lots of personal integrity for serving their clients to make them happy to flaunt their creative designs to the world.


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