How to Make the Right Lifestyle Choices for Wellness

How to Make the Right Lifestyle Choices for Wellness


Your lifestyle can have a big impact on your health, the way you live and how things go for you. Ask yourselves these 4 important questions to understand whether you are making the right lifestyle choices for wellness.

Lifestyle choices are ours to make. We can choose to do what we want when we want, and these choices can have a big impact on our lives. The problem with freedom of choice is that sometimes we choose to be our own worst enemy, whether that being gluing fake hair to their bodies (even the best false lashes are just terrible), or ‘training’ their waist. Which is why I thought I would put together a few simple questions to ask yourself so that you can identify whether your own lifestyle choices are leading you down a path of wellness or unhappiness. It’s not until we acknowledge our own behaviour, that we can start to make positive changes for the better.

Are you drinking too much?

Drinking socially is SO popular these days, for men and women. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day or letting your hair down every now and then on a big night out with friends. Hey, I wish I could do it more! But while there is nothing wrong with that, at some point there is a line that can be crossed. Have you ever been worried that you are drinking too much? The word ‘alcoholic’ may be going too far. But certainly, it is common for people to become alcohol dependant. This is where you need that glass of wine more than you want it. It means not going a day without enjoying a drink.

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Drinking too much alcohol can have adverse effects on your health and can lead to liver problems. It can also affect your mindset. If you think you’re struggling with this issue, then seek help. You could consider alcohol rehab to help get you to a healthier state.

Are you eating the wrong things?

We are what we eat, right? The fact is the more nourishment you give your body, the more health it will give you in return. This is why overindulging in foods that aren’t great for you is obviously going to have an adverse affect on your health, including your skin, weight and mental state. Treats, of course, are absolutely fine. But it’s all about moderation and balance. Why shouldn’t you have that cheeseburger if you want it? You’ve got to stay sane after all! The problem is when you are eating that cheeseburger every day. Seriously considering starting a more healthy balanced diet could put you on the right track. You will find your energy levels increase and your skin will start to improve.

When was the last time you focused on exercising?

Okay, so exercising may not be for everyone. But being regularly active is vital for a healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t mean heading to the gym each day, although if you’re up for it then great! Get outside, take your dog for a walk, play with your kids at the park or beach… even consider starting a new hobby like running, or a team sport with friends. Whatever you do, try to be a little more active each day and you will see that the extra physical activity does wonders for your health, energy and looks.


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