Gifts without Batteries: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gift!

Gifts without Batteries: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gift!


While it may seem almost impossible to look for the perfect gift for your loved one, there sure are a number of things that everyone would be absolutely delighted to receive! Although receiving almost any gift is a great feeling, there sure is something extra thoughtful when it comes to choosing a gift for people who are very picky. The easiest way to do this? Choose something that can be customized in some way, whether it is a simple initial monogram or a personalized photo frame! So, mentioned below are a few personalized gifts that are easy to find and absolutely beautiful to gift!

Coffee Mugs

Let’s admit it, we all have lots of people in our family or our friend circle who are quite the character! So, if it’s any one of them that you are choosing a gift for, you can simply opt for a personalized coffee mug and immortalize their character in the form of a cartoon drawn on the mug. Whether you want a cartoon printed on the mug, some initials or a name – it is on you! You can choose the mug that you like from Gifts of Love, Saket at Select City Walk.


Coasters are one of the easiest ways to try out an interior design trend without even having to spend a huge sum of money or embarking on a kitchen remodel! Coasters are like an opportunity to show off style and personality, go big with luxury materials or even say something specific with a particular pattern of colours. All you have to do is look for the ones that look best at your place!


A room can be transformed entirely with the right scent. Gifting a few jars of happiness can definitely earn you more points for a bomb-ass birthday gift that also reminds your loved ones that you know their taste and personality. In fact, scented candles can also make just the perfect gift, thanks to their aromatherapy benefits, where the fragrance supplied from the candle can, in a similar way to aromatherapy oils, stimulate the sense, thereby acting as a healer, awakening the sense.


Well, for that friend who would love a beautifully bound notebook, a gift without batteries is definitely a great option! So, if you are looking for a gift for someone who appreciates quality and quirky notebooks, you might as well check out the beautiful range available at Gifts of Love, Saket.

So, whether you are looking for something sweet and nice or pretty and comforting – we have got you covered!


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