Different Custom Printed Shapes Can Be Done with Seed Paper

Different Custom Printed Shapes Can Be Done with Seed Paper


During the business promotional activities, overall shape and structure of the promotion is also important for sending your message. Hence, you need to choose right material for that. In order to connect with the audience, all promotions must have certain purpose.

By using seed paper, all recipients can be invited to take some action like planting paper. Basic purpose will be to grow wildflowers which can benefit certain species like declining bee population and for herb or veggie seed paper will be to grow own food at your home.

How can we start?

Following are the step-by-step look at this process of ordering any custom printed seed paper shapes.

1 Review the available shape options

Find out various shapes available in the market to know what will work best and also see if there is already the right shape available that you are looking for.

2 Create your own custom shape

Decide about your desired shape to create various important key-lines of your shape so that you can finalize your finished piece. You may also consult with any graphic designers if you like.

Avoid any intricate areas or tight corners because they can create trimming problems.

3 Pick seed paper color

There are more than 25 color options available however if you are going to print on the custom shape, then you will like to ensure that color is not too dark.

4 Pick seed type

  • You can get wildflower blended seed paper in all colors.
  • If you want tri-herb seed paper then you will get in cream, white or moss green colors.
  • Individual seed paper of herb is available only in cream or white.
  • You can get carrot seed paper in cream, white or burnt orange colors.
  • Tomato seed papers are available in cream, white or brick red.
  • You can get lettuce seed paper in cream, white or olive green.

Also, you can select from different native species of seed papers that is made for eleven different regions of North America.

5 Contact the printer

After you have finalized all details of your custom shapes, you can contact the printer. Custom shapes will need a single-time purchase of the custom die, after paying certain amount.

The die will remain with you for whole life and if you ever need to order in future to then you can use it.

6 Design and submit artwork

After approving design and the price, you can go ahead with your ordering and purchasing. The custom shape that you had finalized at step 2 above will be considered as the template.

7 Approval and printing

After you send all your artwork files to the printer, they will send you digital proof of your final shape to get your approval. After your approval only your custom die will arrive, and they will start printing.

In case, you are trying to attach your shape to any product or other printed material, then be sure to take a test print or cut out your shape so that you will get an idea how your finished product will really look.


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