Caroline Sturken – Easy & Natural Ways to Alleviate Stress At Home

Caroline Sturken – Easy & Natural Ways to Alleviate Stress At Home


Stress is a part of daily life, and it is considered normal these days. Look around, and you will see it everywhere- at home, work, and relationships. Though considered normal, it is not healthy for you to live with stress. Cortisol- the stress hormone in the body creates havoc in the body. You feel tired and fatigued. You look older as well. Therefore, you need to alleviate stress. This can be done with safe, holistic natural methods from the comforts of home.

Caroline Sturken is a popular massage therapist from San Diego in California. She says awareness should be spread more about massage therapies to alleviate stress. She ensures that her friends and family are aware of these therapies to reduce stress at home. Covid-19 and its uncertainties have increased the stress levels in people today. She says that you should not allow stress to take over your life. You need to embrace some natural ways to beat the stress and keep physical and mental illness at bay.

3 simple ways to reduce stress

Given below are some simple ways for you to reduce stress-

  1. Exercise daily – This is a cost-effective and powerful way for you to beat stress. You only need 30 minutes of daily exercise for keeping stress woes at bay. 30 minutes of regular exercise will keep you in a good mood for 12 hours. When you exercise, the body releases E They help you to stay in a good mood and keep negative thoughts away. Laughter, too, is the best medicine. When you laugh a lot, the capacity of the lungs also increases. So, embrace the power of daily exercise and laughter to keep stress away.
  2. Listen to your body – Medical experts suggest people must listen to their bodies. Often, the body sends out signals that it is tired. You might get skin problems. Carry out a complete body scan and lookout for signs of distress. In this way, you can take matters in your own hands to arrest the problem before it is too late.
  3. Correct breathing techniques – Deep breathing techniques can relax the mind and body. You should sit in one spot in silence and focus on your breathing. You can take 5 to 10 deep breaths. You should inhale, hold the breath for 5 counts, and slowly release. In this way, you can relax body muscles and headaches. Stress gradually ebbs away. Hugging a loved one releases oxytocin in the body, and you feel better. So, express your love for special ones to get your daily dose of O

As per Caroline Sturken stress is good in your life in small amounts. However, do not allow it to control your mood. The above ways to reduce stress are simple.

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They are affordable and can be done at home. With time, you will notice you feel relaxed. Body aches and pains disappear. Both adults and children should be educated about these simple stress techniques. They can keep worries at bay and enjoy their lives better!


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