Carrying in Style

Carrying in Style


The Best Ways to Wear a Firearm

As interest in self protection grows around the country, the demand for discreet carrying options as also increased. Fortunately, there are several wearable items to choose from based on preference, size and needs. Here are a few suggestions for bearing a gun with your specific requirements – and personality – in mind.

Shoulder the Responsibility

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or must wear a jacket, a concealed shoulder holster is the way to go. Placing a weapon in an easily reachable and highly undetectable place is one of the most preferred carrying methods, and many people find this option to be the most comfortable since it will be placed over a shirt instead of touching bare skin. This also allows for a greater sense of security, since you will be able to feel the holster closer to your upper extremities and know immediately that it is properly secured.

Get a Leg Up

When you need to carry but prefer a more flexible method, consider strapping at the ankle. As long as you are wearing long pants, concealment won’t be an issue. Like shoulder holsters, you will still feel your weapon in its place while giving you quick access when needed. In terms of style, you don’t need to wear baggy jeans, but do make sure that the fit is loose enough to allow for the extra bulk of your weapon and holster.

It’s In the Bag

As many women know, buying a new handbag is fun – and looking for one designed with a gun holster is no exception. The styles can be just as feminine or utilitarian as regular purses, all while giving ladies an extra sense of security. The built-in gun holster can be located in a number of different parts of the bag, allowing for maximum customization.

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No matter how you prefer to arm yourself, there is a method out there for you. Try a few different types and see what works for you. Above all, be safe!


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