Which is the Best Setting for a Diamond?

Which is the Best Setting for a Diamond?


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When it comes to buying an engagement ring, people don’t pay much attention to the setting as the visual beauty of the stone overpowers the technical details. But, the setting defines the ring style and showcases the diamond’s best facets. While a setting may seem an insignificant element, it is an essential feature that complements and elevates a diamond. You’ll need a setting that is going to last. Therefore, it is essential to consider the ring setting and also how it contributes to the diamond’s everlasting beauty.

With many different styles of settings available at the jewelry stores in Albuquerque, it can be difficult to choose the one that complements the stone you have chosen. So, here is a primer on the common ring settings which will help you make an informed choice.

Prong Setting

The Prong setting is also known as the claw setting and used to hold in place a solitaire. It is commonly used in classic engagement rings and single stone diamond rings. As this setting allows minimize the usage of metal, it allows more light to pass through the diamond. While it is used to hold any size stone in place, they are typically used to hold a larger center stone. Moreover, the prong setting is extremely safe, and secures the stone. It holds even the most fragile stones securely in place.

Halo Setting

The halo setting is popular among celebrities. This setting gives a dramatic look to the diamond. This type of setting includes a large center stone which is adorned by a pave or micropave of smaller, accent stones. The surrounding stones elevate the center stone and make the ring look larger and more sparkly. In fact, with a halo setting, you could save money. You could buy a smaller, less expensive center stone with a diamond pave.

Bezel Setting

Bezel settings are a popular choice for people who admire simple, contemporary jewelry. A diamond set with a bezel setting is embraced with a rim of metal that holds it together by the girdle. It creates the illusion of a larger stone and it can be created in straight, scalloped edges, or can be designed according to the shape of the stone you choose. The jewelers in Albuquerque can get it customized according to your needs.

Channel Setting

A channel setting features a series of diamonds which are placed around the circle of the ring within a channel. It is popular for both engagement rings and wedding bands. In fact, it provides more security for small stones than a prong setting.

Gypsy Setting

It is a popular setting used mostly in men’s jewelry. The band will look like a doomed shaped piece with a stone inserted in the middle. There are no prongs which give a clean and smooth look to the ring.

Whether you are planning to buy a set or get the ring customized from the Albuquerque diamond jewelers, every aspect of the ring including, the stone, metal, and setting should be considered. However, when it comes to diamond setting, your decision should be based on your lifestyle and budget. Once you have narrowed down your ideal setting, find the best jewelry stores in Albuquerque.


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