Welcome 2021 By Pampering Yourself With These Beauty Therapies!

Welcome 2021 By Pampering Yourself With These Beauty Therapies!


If the ladies of yester generation would look up to the modern women of 21st century, they would definitely be left in awe. Its amazing how they handle multiple responsibilities without missing a beat and that too looking gorgeous all this while. Well, it is an undeniable fact that women are born winners but all these achievements come at the expanse of sheer hard work and dedication.

Ask any working mom or dedicated young girl, you would hear stories of struggle and indomitable will-power.Though, the past one year made us realize the importance of small things in life, it also made some ladies crave for a nice spa or related beauty treatment. The good news is spas and beauty salons are finally open, including the ones in SELECT CITY WALK and now that we are almost at the cusp of 2021, it is a great idea to pamper yourself with these beauty treatments.

A Perfect Haircut

Whether it is the lovely Rachel cut from friends, Demi Moore’s blunt cut from Ghost, or the angsty bald look from Mad-max fury; no matter what hairstyle styles are trending on fashion charts, a woman’s love for those bouncy long hair can never die. But let’s admit it how many of us actually have the luxury of having that luscious long hair. Unfortunately, even after using some of the best shampoos, hair oils, and hair packs available in the market, your hair might not show any signs of improvement. And here is where a professional hair spa treatment can help you get those luscious locks that you always desired. For a perfect hair spa treatment at SELECT CITY WALK, grab a nice book from crossword in Delhi (also available in Select City Walk), head to a salon and read away the book while the hairdresser does his/her magic to your hair.

A Nice Pedicure And Foot Massage

If you are in a field job or any kind of work environment that requires you to stand or walk for long hours then it is highly likely that you would develop issues related to your ankle or feet. And as women, we do love our pedicure sessions and oh-so-good foot massages for sure. Women suffering from cracked heels should definitely book for a pedicure and foot massage session. This is the condition of formation of extremely dry skin on a person’s feet (xeroses). It often results in formation of callus around the edges and the heels. If not treated at the right time, it can even start bleeding and you might face trouble walking. Pedicure from a trusted salon would fix all your feet troubles for sure.

The Thermage Skin Treatment

A loose sagging skin is something that every woman hates. Yes, whether it comes from the natural process of aging or from an extensive weight loss regime, sagging skin is a real menace for women. There are options like plastic surgery that can reduce the symptoms to minimal but these options can go completely haywire at times. Thermage skin tightening treatment is a safe bet in such cases. It is a process that uses radiofrequency to stimulate growth of collagen and imparts elasticity to the


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