Factors that You Must Consider to Find the Right Chandelier for your Dining Room

Factors that You Must Consider to Find the Right Chandelier for your Dining Room


Dining table is the most important part of your home. It is the place where after a long day at work or school, you sit with your family and share beautiful moments together while nourishing your body. This is the reason you would want to have correct amount of illumination in the room to allow you to get a visual appeal of the food you are eating and have a good family time.

The dining rooms usually do not rely on a single source of light. However, it is the center piece that transforms the entire ambience and looks of the room.

You can browse different types of lightning fixtures at Sofary that can transform the décor of your house. They also offer a guide to best select the chandelier height over dining table so that it perfectly aligns and enhance the illumination of the room. Check out the guide at https://www.sofary.com/blogs/chandeliers/chandelier-size-guide to determine what type and size of chandelier will complement your home space.

Factors determining the size and shape of dining room chandeliers

1. Dining table shape:

If your dining table is rectangular in shape choose a lightning fixture either with the same geometric angles or an oval chandelier.

You can either complement your round dining table with a similar shaped chandelier or with a bowl shaped or a hexagonal fixture.

2. Dining table size:

If you are a small family, the smaller size of dining table would not allow big crystal chandeliers. Instead, drop pendant lights would provide more balance.

For a longer table serving a big group of people; consider installing 2 lightning fixtures instead of 1 central one.

This will better illuminate the entire space rather than focusing the light at one point.

3. Dining room décor:

If your dining room is adorned with beautiful wall art or a life size painting; use a caged chandelier instead of a huge centerpiece.

This will give the beautiful artwork its required illumination and space.

For a more traditional setting and high ceilings; choose a larger statement vintage looking or a crystal chandelier.

A more modern décor will complement best with a metallic and a geometric centerpiece.

Basics of determining the dining table chandelier size

Centralize the lightning fixture right above the dining table unless it is a really long one.

There should be a minimum of 28 inches of space between the table top and the bottom of the chandelier.

The size of the chandelier would be determined the shorter side of your dining table.

Measure the shorter side and subtract 12 inches from it to get an approximate idea of the chandelier diameter.

In the end, it would come down to your personal preference. Decide for yourself if you want subtle illumination or you want to make a big statement with the centerpiece chandelier in your dining room and browse accordingly.

Play with different pendant styles to make use of the full potential that your dining room space can offer. Lastly, choose something that suits your personal taste and gives you a perfect ambience that you need to wind up after a hard day and enjoy personal family moments.


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