The Speech Of Father Of The Bride On The Wedding Day

The Speech Of Father Of The Bride On The Wedding Day


Normally, the father of the bride gives a speech on how proud he feels on his daughter’s wedding day, by remembering her childhood days spent with her parents. The incredible gift is the bond between the father and daughter. For every father, the love for different persons in his life has different will, in the love of wife, there is a desire, to the son ambitions but for the daughters, there is something where there are no words to express. The bond between the father and daughter is mysteriously awesome and even an impossible task for everyone to separate a father from the daughter and it can only be made from heaven. He holds his daughter when she cries, scolds, shines with the pride when she succeeded and most importantly, he has a daughter faith even she fails. Nothing can break the bond of father and daughter because they stay connected with hearts. Every daughter loves her father because he is the one person in the world who sacrifices everything just to see her happy.

A smile on his face and the tears from his eyes as the father of the bride speech is the strongest and the world’s biggest feeling for the father. The father supports his daughter and because of him she feels safe, makes her life easier, supports her in every situation. The day when the father sees his daughter as the bride he feels best than before in her life. For every daughter, the name of the father is the other name of love. Father didn’t make his children learn how to live, he lived and made her watch and learn how to live. The beauty of love is something that words cannot describe. Daughters believe that no one in the world makes her happier than her father. Fathers are the god-given gifts. Every father pays attention to their daughters and supports each other. The daughter is more closet person for the father and a son is closer to the mother. When the daughter spares her time with her father, she feels alone. Until the father is with his daughter no difficulty or problem comes near to the little girl.  Father is the only person who fulfils her dreams. He supports and encourages how to live life without fearing of any problem. When the father is with his daughter, she will be the happiest person.


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