The Best Guide to Sailing Gear

The Best Guide to Sailing Gear


It is crucial to have the right navigation equipment when you plan to sail. Enjoy your browsing experience depends mainly on having the right equipment at hand for any weather. No sailor can enjoy the experience when it is wet or cold. Visit and get the best sailing gear. Any activity requires proper training, and most of the items I have suggested will not cost you much money.

Many items should always be in your gear bag, regardless of the weather or the location you intend to sail. These are:

1) Sun protection – Whether it’s a sunny or noisy day, you’ll get a lot of suns, and a bad sunburn can dampen your enthusiasm for sailing. I recommend using a large SPF, and don’t forget to reuse it throughout the day.

2) Chapstick – Also preferably with a high SPF, because the lips can crack and burn, as well as the skin on the face and hands.

3) Sunglasses – I recommend putting them on a rope so you can wear them around your neck.

4) First aid kit – This is a must-have for both beginners and experienced sailors. You never know when you might need a first aid kit, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the water without it. Any pharmacy can sell a fully equipped first aid kit at an affordable price, and I recommend you invest in a spare kit as well.

5) Regatta Magazine

6) The Al Qaeda Book

7) Lots of drinking water

8) Snacks – Walnuts and energy bars are good to make and easy to pack.

9) Digital clock

10) Changing clothes – essential in case of moisture. Remember, it is essential not to wear cotton when sailing. You will want to wear wool or polyester, which will keep moisture away from your skin.

11) Towels

12) PFD – This is a MUST. Putting a personal floating device on the water is like having a seat belt in a car. This is the only item you won’t take out all the time when you’re out, so I encourage you to find one that works well and is comfortable for you. It will become a second skin.

13) Closed shoes – Expensive luxury boat shoes and sailing sneakers are available, but old, fluffy sneakers will work as well.

Other items you may want to purchase, depending on the weather and how often you plan to sail, include open gloves, which can be very useful when sailing on a windy day. The key to staying warm is to stay dry, and the better prepared you are to be dehydrated, the better.

Take care of the details in advance so that you can really enjoy your day, so make sure you are equipped with the proper navigation equipment. No one wants to get wet, cold, and hungry on the water.


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