How CBD Can Affect You?

How CBD Can Affect You?


CBD can be useful for treating a number of diseases, but not all forms of CBD can affect each person in a different way. Let us therefore learn more information of CBD in this small article.

1 How does CBD work?

When CBD will be ingested into the body then it may create certain physiological effects in our body with the help of cannabinoid receptors. Our body also has internal endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating different functions of our body.

This not only controls our thought process but also controls our pain, sleep, memory, appetite, mood and also our immune system. There are two most important receptors are involved in regulating all these.

2 Effects of using CBD oil

The full spectrum CBD oil effect on every individual may vary and therefore experience of each individual is not the same. Since CBD is not a psychoactive substance, the user of CBD will not feel a high after consuming it.

This also would mean that CBD will affect our brain in a different way, but provide a calming, well being and relaxing effects in a different degree.

It will also reduce your anxiety.

3 Can CBD give you a “high”?

CBD as such do not produce any psychoactive effect and hence one may not feel the effect after consuming CBD. In fact, it is only THC available in the marijuana producing such high effect.

However, many people after consuming CBD reported a high feeling which can give a sense of relief. This relief can be from either pain, emotional stress or certain kind of anxiety.

4 How CBD will make you feel?

Generally, this is something that will be felt by every individual in a different manner. In general, most people get a sense of relaxation feeling and few others have reported to get a high sense of alertness and well-being.

Despite getting a different sense of feeling, all will get improvement in their sleeping pattern, get relief from their pain, improve their focus and get cured from nausea.

5 Effects of THC and CBD

The basic difference between CBD and THC is that degree of impairment that each of this substance may cause. However, CBD may not cause any kind of impairment but THC can produce psychoactive effect and one may experience a ‘high’ after consuming it.

Though both CBD and THC fall under cannabis family, their effects on our body and mind can be quite different from each other.

6 How much CBD you must take?

Usually, it is recommended that one should always start with a lower dose and since everyone’s body reacts differently. So, one must take only few drops of CBD tincture to start with and then slowly increase the dose.

Since, tolerance level of every individual can be different and hence when you slowly increase the dose. You can determine your right dosage requirement by trial and error process.

7 How long effect of CBD lasts?

The effect of CBD may last for a duration based on the method you adopted for consumption.

If you take CBD sublingual method then its effect may last for 8 hours.

If you consume in capsule form then its effect may last for 3 to 4 hours. Same is the case, if consume CBD oil.

If you take in vapor form then its effect can be realized within few minutes, but the effect may last only for 1 to 2 hours.


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