Guide for postsurgical body shaper

Guide for postsurgical body shaper


Postsurgical body shaper is a specially crafted garment which treats your post-operation therapy for cosmetic surgery which involves liposuction, breast enlargement, face lifting, neck lifting, mammoplasty, breast reconstruction, tummy tuck and more.

Wearing a robust and controlled shapewear which provides support is a major part of post-surgery recovery procedure. With the help of a compressive shaper, your body can treat the specific procedure and lower the swelling and bruises at the surgical area. The compression of the shaper also keeps the surgical area compressed and tight in place leading to right abjuration and perfect body shape.

Why should you wear body shaper bodysuit after surgery?

Sometimes not wearing the right postsurgical body shape can lead to serious problems. One of them could be that you may get a completely different result of the surgery than you have been hoping for. An advantage of wearing post-surgical shaper is that it enhances the healing procedure and allows the patient to easily return to their daily lifestyle and routine.

How to choose the right size of bodysuit?

In order to select the correct size, you should ensure that you know your body size. Even if your body will turn smaller after the liposuction procedure, in the first few weeks, you are not going to see any changes, so in this period, your body will look exactly the same size as it was. You should carry the post-surgery shaper along with you to the hospital so that you can take measurement before the surgery.

Even doctors may suggest the right post-surgery shaper choice depending on the surgery results. Soon you will feel the compression getting looser with the decline in the swelling. This is the time when you should get a smaller shapewear for you.

For how long you need the post-surgery body shaper?

Well, you should wear it for a minimum time of 6 to 8 weeks after your surgery. Take them out while bathing. If you aren’t comfortable of wearing them at night, then you can remove them during sleep hours.

Make sure you at least have two or three body shaper bodysuit so that you can always laundry one and wear another. Usually these garments last for a long time period but you should keep the design and material in mind while buying them.

If you have undergone breast enlargement, reconstruction or reduction, then you should get a right fit postsurgical bra and wear it for at least 6 weeks. Make sure you wear it all day and night. It is the best way to keep your bust in place and stop them from getting apart. Do not wear underwire bras for 3months.

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