8 ethnic earrings that you should own for festive seasons


Ethnic earrings are the perfect accessory for the festive season and if you are looking forward to making a style statement, then you should definitely opt for the different styles that would look great on you.

Read about the eight different varieties of earrings that would be perfect for any festive occasion:

1. The classic jhumkis

Jhumkis have never failed to enchant girls during the festive season and are all-time favorite with a traditional outfit. These can be availed in a plethora of designs and styles which you can choose according to your taste and outfit. Right from the latkans that come in layers, the ones engraved in silver along with multi-colored drop earrings, you can find them in an amazing variety. The best part about them is that you can pair them with kurti and jeans as well.

2. Danglers

Danglers give an appeal of a hanging chandelier and consist of layers which hang below the centre piece. If you are looking for something flashy for the evenings, then these earrings are a perfect choice. These are perfect to be worn with suits and flared dresses and are enough to cover for any other jewelry piece.

3. Chandelier earrings

The shape of chandelier earrings is such that they start from the stud and become broader towards the end just like a chandelier. These would add the glamour quotient to a simple outfit and would surely make a statement.

4. Hoops

Hoops are the classic version and can be worn if you want to look simple yet elegant. You can find hoops in two varieties i.e., the ones with plain hoops and pearls or with other detailing. The hoop earrings are perfect to give a timeless appearance and would go well if you want to wear a shimmery outfit or something in pastel colors.

5. Passa earrings

You must have heard of passa which is worn on the head by brides, the same design is available as passa earrings which come along with strings that form a fan like a design. You can pair these with a heavy necklace to give a classic touch to the look.

6. Drop earrings

The drop earrings look extremely beautiful and elegant and are perfect for an offbeat look. The design mainly consists of a rectangular disc that has stones which are neatly aligned and have a large hanging pearl at the end which gives a delightful look. You can pair these with any traditional outfit without additional jewelry.

7. Stud earrings

Studs are one of the most simplistic designs and are great when you want to go for something sophisticated and classic. The studs can be availed in designs that might vary from the ones that have single pearls, diamonds, or a cluster of stones. These are perfect for any festive occasions and you can select them in a variety of designs.

8. Needle and thread earrings

These are one of the fanciest pairs of earrings which work like a needle and thread. The design consists of a needle-like structure which can be inserted into the earring hole and pulled on the other side of the ear. This particular design of earrings goes with both the traditional as well as western outfits and adds the glamour quotient instantly.

These were some of the statement pieces of earrings that you should have in your accessory kit if you want to look like a fashionista. With so many options to choose from, you would definitely be able to enhance the glamour quotient to its level best.


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