Why Parramatta Dining Places Are Popular to Sydney Tourists and Locales?

Why Parramatta Dining Places Are Popular to Sydney Tourists and Locales?


Cuisine which stems from several civilisations is always unique and interesting as its flavour reflects people or cultural diversity. Dishes and meals that provide a burst of culinary elements to complement each other in a lovely way can be found in Mediterranean areas including Lebanon.

Lebanese cuisine, noted for its unique combination of flavours, from the whiff of cinnamon to the taste of meat, offers a great new perspective through taste and aroma. This is why many travelers and even locales in Parramatta, NSW are interested and curious with the dishes served at the popular Lebanese restaurants in the suburb. Your Parramatta dining experience is just incomplete without the culinary touch of Lebanese flavour.

3 Unique Lebanese Spices

The top Lebanese restaurants offer the best and most memorable fine dining Parramatta experience you will ever have. They serve as homes to those who are eager to experience a diversified culture without spending too much money by traveling to the lands where the flavours originated. Below are examples of unique Lebanese spices that are a staple to the dishes that they serve.


                Za’atar is a wild thyme native to the eastern Mediterranean. Lebanese food features this by first grinding them and mixing sesame seeds, dried sumac, and salt. Za’atar can be difficult to obtain, or costly at times. When the wild thyme is unavailable, locals commonly substitute similar spices such as oregano or domesticated thyme.

                This is most commonly used for proteins such as lambs and beef, but it can also be used as a seasoning for roasted vegetables, dips. Occasionally, it is also used as garnish on breads.


                A spice native to the eastern Mediterranian. Parsley has a unique earthy taste with a touch of mild bitterness. Parsley can either be curly or flat-leaf. The curly parsley is most commonly utilized in Lebanese cooking. This is both convenient and functional; Curly leaf parsleys are easier to grow and have a stronger flavor than flat leaf parsley. This shows how bold Lebanese Cuisine is.

Legumes and grains

                This includes bulgur wheat, lentils, and protein-packed lentils. Lentils, most especially, is a highly regarded part of this spice for the protein it can add to the dishes.

3 Best Things About Lebanese Cuisine

What’s great about Lebanese restaurant Parramatta has to offer is that the food is multi-faceted. Authentic Lebanese Cuisine has flavour, tells a story, and has concrete health benefits.


                As seen through their spices, Lebanese cooking is a style which utilizes simple food and uses them boldly to create a whole new flavor. It’s this boldness that’s hard to find in other culinary dishes.

Different Influences Throughout History

                Lebanon has been influenced by different ancient civilizations among the ages. Some of which are the Ottoman, Levantine, Persian, and the Roman Empire. In fact Beirut, a city in Lebanon, is known by many travellers as the Paris of the Middle East.

                As a matter of fact, Beirut is very known that most of Lebanon’s tourism comes from it. 34% of which are from the Arab League, and 33% from European countries.

Health Benefits

                It is known that Lebanese cuisine is one of the healthiest types of cuisine available. For example, Tahini, a common ingredient to the cuisine, has common benefits such as lowering cholesterol, decreasing probability of cancer, and strengthening the bones. On the other hand, we have Legumes which are a good source of low-far protein.


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