Jaw dropping Jawline is just these exercises away!

Jaw dropping Jawline is just these exercises away!


Couch potato. Ever heard of the term? Oh no! I am not promoting body shaming. What I am indeed hinting at is a serious problem the world is facing, which in fact has become so normal that every other person is suffering from it. And the cure? Those pocket bombing high priced supplements which make you drop 4 sizes in a month? No thank you! Or maybe that magical weight loss tea what drops 5 pounds in a week?  Uh oh! So what is the secret then… well it’s not a secret after all. It’s just that simple, a healthy diet and exercise. The muscles of the face are not different from the muscles of the body. If you don’t exercise the muscles under the neck, they become weak and sagging, and the same thing happens to your face. Facial yoga is all the rage right now. Fair, because they’re much needed in these times.

Speaking of which, there are several types and kinds of exercises that involve different facial muscles, they increase the blood flow to the face and brain and help to keep you young. While there are a few products available in the market to give you that chiseled jawline,  Jawzrsize results are most effective which uses all your facial muscles to work out while increasing the blood circulation. There are numerous exercises which are beneficial in anti-aging and slimming down your face. face exercises can be classified into two categories. Anti-aging face yoga and fat-loss face yoga.

Jaw dropping Jawline is just these exercises away

Anti-aging Face Exercises

These set of exercises include ‘jawline stretching’ which firms up double chin and burns extra fat. ‘Forehead smoother’ which uses acupressure through your middle and index finger knuckles to smooth out forehead lines and prevents wrinkles. ‘Manual facelift’ uses both your palms to lift your face while you make an o shape with your mouth smoothing out smile lines and promoting circulation. ‘cheek plumper’ lifts up your cheeks by making a fish-like face. ‘temple lift’ uses your fingers to lift up your temples and lifting up which makes your eyelids less droopy. ‘all over face firmer’ engages the whole face giving it much needed definition. ‘eye-firmer’ involves making a v with your fingers and placing it on your eyes to give them firmness and help fill out the lines caused by crow’s-feet. ‘giraffe’s neck includes stretching out the platysma muscle in your neck to give it that firmness and smooths out jawline.

Face Slimming Exercises

These include the above and in addition to those are added a few more. ‘fish-blow’ exercise uses blowing air into your mouth pushing all the air in. another one is the ‘cheekbone roll’ exercise, it promotes blood circulation to the cheeks, flushing them with a red hue and making them appear youthful. ‘tongue tease’ exercise includes pulling your tongue out and pulling your cheeks back, it helps to send fat away.

All you need to do now is try these exercises to get that chiseled jawline and make jaws drop! To read more beauty articles visit OneSpotBeauty


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