How to Choose the Right Method of Waxing?

How to Choose the Right Method of Waxing?


Unwanted body hair can be removed in many ways. Hair removal creams and shaving are two methods that can easily be done at home. These are also less painful, though we can see hair growing back quite soon. The new hair that grows tends to be thicker and stronger than before.

Waxing is one way to get smooth and soft skin that lasts longer when compared to the other two methods. It is also painful and will turn your skin pink and reddish (not from blushing, obviously).

If you haven’t got yourself waxed till date and are not sure which method to try, let us list out a few things that will help in choosing the right method for you.

There are four methods in which you can wax your body hair:

  1. Hot wax

This is a common procedure that is followed in the parlors. Wax is heated until it turns from being thick goo to a liquid state. Wax pots are available for purchase which turns off the heat when the wax reaches the required temperature. Alternatively, you can also melt the wax by placing a bowl of wax in hot water. The wax is spread on the skin; a strip is layered on it and pulled in one quick motion to remove hair. Large areas of the body can be easily covered using this method. The heat of the wax also helps in removing tan and dead cells from your skin’s surface. If the wax is too hot or if your skin is super sensitive, you might end up with burns and rashes.

  1. Cold wax

A semi-solid wax is available either in a container or in the form of wax strips. This requires no heating or melting the wax. Usually, the best option when waxing at home, these are easy to carry and use when traveling. Cold wax is less painful than hot wax. It is not messy either, and you can easily wipe off the excess using post-wax wipes (oil-based) for moisturizing the skin. Cold wax is available in many variants.

Repeating cold wax might lead to ingrown hair as it doesn’t give perfect results as hot wax does. 

  1. Soft wax

It is best for larger areas such as arms, legs, belly, back, etc. the wax is applied all over the area and is removed with a muslin cloth. It removes the tan and fine hair but cannot be used in the same area more than one in a single sitting.

  1. Strip-less wax

Usually used in sensitive areas such as the bikini line, neck, face, etc. the wax is applied to the said area and is allowed to cool for 2 minutes. The wax is then pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. It works well for dense hair and reduces hair growth over time. Strip-less wax can burn the skin and is quite painful.

You can try different methods of waxing on a small patch of hair and choose one method that best suits your skin type.


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