Avoid these 7 things for healthy lips

Avoid these 7 things for healthy lips


Lips form the core of your face, especially if they look attractive. If you wander over the secrets of someone’s rosy pink lips, it is time to make it yours too. Having naturally beautiful lips can be a blessing. However, you still need to take full care of it because if any unwanted change happens to your skin, it starts with the lips. So, how can you exactly have an enticing pair of lips? It is via lip care routine? Let’s find out!

To have an attractive pair of lips, of course, a lip care routine can help. But before that, there is something more important that you must avoid.

7 things to ditch for healthy lips

So, here are seven things you better avoid if you want a healthier and shining pair of lips-

1. Using irritating lipstick and lip products

What you are applying on your lips have a direct link with how they appear. Always choose lip products that are made using natural ingredients. Organic lip balms and essential oils can work great for your lips. On the other hand, cleaning and exfoliating your lips can be done from time to time to keep them flake-free.

2. Do not experiment with your lips

If you already have your hands on the products that actually suit your lips, do not change that. The skin type of people varies to a great extent. It is difficult to find that one little lip care product from the market that is actually for you. Havings said this, it is also important to get used to organic products instead of the ones that come with harmful chemicals.

3. Being harsh while cleaning

Lips are way too sensitive to tolerate harshness, be it while massaging or scrubbing. Especially, if your lips are dry, chances are it may start bleeding if not handled carefully. So, always be gentle with your lips while cleaning or applying anything.

4. Licking your lips

While winters can make your lips dry and summer can damage them via UV rays, there is a third unnatural enemy that is your saliva. Although you lick your lips to moist them, simultaneously, you are introducing saliva which can strip the moisture eventually causing more dryness. So, make sure you ditch the habit now!

5. Biting and picking your lips

Making the lips suffer due to work stress is the worst thing you can do to them. Biting and picking are such habits that happen naturally when you are stressed or confused. However, they can irritate your lips and make the condition worse. So, besides licking, make sure you get rid of these too.

6. Eating unhealthy foods

Believe it or not, the foods that are making your taste buds explode out of joy aren’t doing any good to the rest of the body, including your skin. That’s just not the way your skincare or lip care routine should be. To keep your skin healthy and hydrated, you must give up eating oily and spicy.

7. Do not wear lipstick alone

Just like your skin needs a barrier from environmental exposure, your lips need the same protective layer too. The only little difference is – lips need to be protected from lipsticks too!

Yes, due to the chemical composition, artificial colour and fragrance, using lipstick for long hours can irritate your skin. So, always choose a base or a lip balm that will work just as a primer does for makeup.

Make sure you only consider natural ingredients for your lips. You can find organic lip care products on https://juicychemistry.com/collections/lip-care.

Besides, you can also consider using your household essentials. Using coconut oil to massage your lips, honey mixed with sugar powder or crushed almond to make natural scrub, or simply an organic lip balm to keep moisturising all day.


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