4 Expert Tips to Discover Your Perfect Hair Colour

4 Expert Tips to Discover Your Perfect Hair Colour


Hair colour can transform your entire look, but it can also be hard to find the perfect shade and formula to suit your needs. You want it to be natural looking and flattering, but not damaging or too expensive either. The most important factor in choosing the right hair colour is understanding your goals and finding the product that will help you achieve them. With these four tips from the best hair salons Northern Beaches, you’ll be able to find the best hair colour for your needs.

Identify Your Goal:

When choosing a new hair colour, it’s important to know your ultimate goal. Are you trying to make yourself look younger? Do you want to lighten your overall appearance? Or are you looking for something a little more unconventional? All these things play into your decision. The wrong shade can make you look like a completely different person! Be realistic when considering what you want out of a new hair colour.

Consider Your Skin Tone:

According to the best hair salons Northern Beaches, your complexion will play a big role in how your hair colour looks on you. Knowing your skin undertone is important before you make a choice. Every skin colour will have a neutral, warm, or cool tone.

Here’s an easy hack to identify your skin undertone. Check the veins in your wrists. If they appear purple or blue in colour, you have a cool undertone. If they appear green in colour, you have a warm undertone. If you couldn’t identify the colour well enough, you have a neutral undertone.

If you have cool skin undertone, go for a warm toned shade of your preferred hair colour and vice versa. Those with neutral skin undertones can go for either cool or warm toned shades.

Consider Your Personal Style:

After narrowing down your options by considering your skin tone, think about your personal style. It might not be your most flattering, but it’s probably indicative of what you like. By understanding what type of look you want, it will become easier for you and your stylist to pick a colour.

Get the Help of an Expert:

Rather than colouring the hair yourself, it’s always best to work with a professional. Going to hair salons Northern Beaches or spas is ideal because a professional is in charge of keeping your hair safe. This makes it worth every penny. Since not all salons and spas are created equal, though, it’s important to find one that has a wealth of experience in this field of work. The experts will choose the right hair colour that suits you and your style best.

Finding the right hair colour can be an exciting process when you’re ready to update your look and embrace change.In order to find the best hair colour, these tips from the best hairdressers Northern Beaches will help you make that decision easier.


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