Whoo Kid & 50 Cent - Elephant In The Sand

Comments (67) 19,670 views | March 11th, 2008
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Whoo Kid & 50 Cent - Elephant In The Sand

1. Rat Joe (Skit)
2. 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo - Hollow Thru Him
3. 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Young Buck - Rider pt. 2
4. 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Young Buck - Red Light, Green Light
5. 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Young Buck - I’m On It Like That
6. Mike Epps - Hip-Hop Cop (Skit)
7. 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo - Fully Loaded
8. Rat Joe (Skit #2)
9. 50 Cent feat. Prodigy, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo - Confrontation
10. 50 Cent feat. Young Buck, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo - Sunroof Open
11. 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Young Buck - I Fucked Your Bitch
12. 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Young Buck - Chase Da Cat
13. 50 Cent feat Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Young Buck - Lifetime Achievement
14. POW! Magazine Spring ‘08 Outro - DJ Whoo Kid

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Comment by Free-P
2008-03-11 21:21:01

G-Unit! F*ck Rat Joe! Great mixtape.

Comment by brett
2008-05-15 17:59:23

its kewl yo imm bump it fasho

Comment by 50
2008-03-11 22:33:04

yeah g-unit

Comment by Clue
2008-03-12 15:05:21

that the shit .. ..man release his mixtape on joes album release date .. gosh that tell ya’ll joe hust ain’t no match .. damn .. this is crazy

Comment by clue
2008-03-12 16:33:40

a bet two of me could fit in that boxer shorts .http://gunit-shit.blogspot.com/

Comment by beza
2008-03-12 18:19:28

hahahhahahaa that fat ass nigga

Comment by Reyman
2008-03-12 18:30:35


Comment by Reyman
2008-03-12 18:29:45


Comment by wayne killa
2008-04-03 20:03:11

fuck cash money and wayne

Comment by King!
2008-05-13 15:46:09

Fuck you killa!

Wayne Rocks!

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Comment by Makavelifun
2008-06-25 15:50:15

yeah!!! Weezy RuLez!!! MAtherFuckaz!!!!

Comment by SoRe_Spain
2008-10-11 18:59:20

Fuck u dog!
Weezy´s on top, 50 is trash!

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Comment by AMEET DJ
2008-09-03 03:26:52


Comment by balla
2008-03-12 23:44:59

g unit all day bitches
fuk weezy he aint shit
its da unit

Comment by Abraham
2008-03-15 03:28:39

cash money are too dry for me to hail.fuck weezy,fuck birdman and every member of cash money.Lil wayne is whack and the people that gave him the best rapper are too deaf to describe what real rap is.

Comment by banane
2008-03-13 00:19:25

G-Unit=Gay Pussys

Comment by Abraham
2008-03-15 03:31:08

This is not murda inc,it is gunit and all of them are real not like murdainc guys who smell like pussy.

Comment by Vanity
2008-03-13 06:04:08


Comment by yayarea510
2008-03-13 06:40:12


Comment by DIZZLE
2008-03-13 12:54:10

fk all g-unit hatazzzzzzz….

die hard madafakaz!!!!!!

all u niggaz dont noe dat g-unit iz bak in track….

fk u all wack rapperz espeacially biggie!!!!!!!!!!!!

fk u n yo madafakn mama!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Afd
2008-03-13 23:16:47

13. 50 Cent feat Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Young Buck - Lifetime Achievement

this gotta be the most powerful in the Album?

Comment by Diamond
2008-03-13 23:40:07

Fucked up

You can’t put A man like that on a CD Cover

little Respect For tha Man

Who is Longer in tha Rap Game Than Fifty Cent
50 cent thinks he rules everything, Fuck him, Bunny Teeth nigga

Fat Joe and Big Punisher made History Mayneee

Lissin 3 triplets , lyric’s are insane

Comment by masterem
2008-03-15 01:52:31

Pun made TS hot. After he passed and joe used up the last of puns lyrics shit went downhill.

Comment by Abraham
2008-03-15 03:35:17

Big pun was real but now fatjoe is whack.There is no big deal in what 50 did.Fat joe likes claiming too much.Surely this will make him keep his mouth shut.

Comment by new york nigga
2008-03-14 05:01:00

g.g. g.g. u know what it is

Comment by jimmi
2008-03-16 09:42:27

looks awsome

Comment by iCON
2008-03-18 20:11:10


Comment by tha coast
2008-03-19 04:49:26

soulja boy goes harder than g-unit.
not d4l or the south or soulja boy…but 50/g-unit killed hip hop

Comment by young smile
2008-03-19 14:26:10

Thanks for mix tape Elephant In The Sand thanks thanks fhater 2009 thanks.young smile Angola luanda terra nova rangel gggggg-black and gggggg-unit

Comment by user456
2008-03-19 16:44:58

i’m a big fan of g unit for many years now but does anyone not think 50’s made too many tracks talking bout guns n shit.

every track he does now is about him with a gun, doesnt rap about anything else like other rappers do.

his earlier stuff did have a few songs bout guns n shit but he made classics wi out goin on bout guns all time, some real club bangers!

has he just ran outta ideas?

buck my favourite outta g unit, makes quality songs man, not just i shoot a n*gga this, shot this other n*gga that. banks aint too bad either for not going on bout guns all time, yayo leaning towards 50, does a bit too.

dont get me wrong ders nuffin wrong wi doin songs bout guns but every track is bout guns wi 50 man, getting boring now.

i’m not one of those gay ass g g gg unot diks either, as i said i’m a big fan of g unit, i’m not a hater but just wondering if any1 else feels same out there man?

Comment by princedime
2008-03-21 03:13:24

its ight

Comment by wera
2008-03-21 19:16:20


Comment by wezzy
2008-03-21 23:54:24

50 what

Comment by BioDon118
2008-03-23 01:40:40


My Blog http://biodon118.spaces.live.com

Comment by siglone
2008-03-24 23:58:22


Comment by rokl
2008-03-26 00:55:50


Comment by The Big
2008-03-26 22:03:33

You making that elephant more rich everyday
damn bugs bunny

Comment by sintax
2008-04-02 17:54:09


Comment by sintax
2008-04-03 11:35:22

i’ll listen to anything from the unit

Comment by boss
2008-04-04 22:51:47

i swear boi fif is gna end dt fat nigga’s carreer lik he did 2 ja rule!!!!!!!

gggggggggggggg unit

Comment by Jaa
2008-04-06 02:01:08

nice !!

Comment by money
2008-04-08 21:07:37

in the words of 50 cents: i’m om yo ass nigga, the rap game got my attention. ha ha haa hah hh ahh hahah ahaha hhahahaah ahhahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. coming soon.

Comment by malfunction
2008-04-25 07:51:30

whats up

Comment by malfunction
2008-04-25 08:46:17

ok im not getting this im an idiot

Comment by Jstablish
2008-04-30 17:18:32

Fuck all you’ll G-unit Hating nigga’s G-unit at the top bitch forever Fat Joe shit that’s never.50 cent laughing at all you’ll lil bitches , so nigga’s you’ll don’t what you’ll talkin bout but FAT JOE at nethin without a dout

Comment by gblack
2008-05-19 00:49:13

joe will smash 50 lerically

Comment by gblack
2008-05-19 19:39:15


Comment by tim
2008-05-31 22:12:14

fuck all who dought young money/cash money

Comment by yofanatico
2008-06-13 12:04:32


Comment by yofanatico
2008-06-13 12:05:38


Comment by mystick
2008-06-25 09:10:18


Comment by Ephraim
2008-06-26 20:19:05

joe you are elephant in the sand,”please swall all this slow”.

Comment by young smile
2008-06-28 17:21:53

go go go g-unit ya gggggggg-unit.young smile Angola Luanda Rangel terra nova is my street niga is g-black in Angola.

Comment by culli
2008-09-02 19:49:08


Comment by 50-G-50
2008-09-03 17:06:23

lemme tell u sumat.. 50.. he got cash… joe?? nuffin compaired ta fiffty!!! the rap game is all about MONEY!!! n hu got more?? ill leave u to it… G G G G G G G G G UNIT… SOULJAAAAZ NIGGGGAAAA!!!

Comment by herba
2008-09-21 07:44:26

there all gay

Comment by Саша
2008-09-26 20:59:53

suck my dick пиндосы! вам хана! русские рулят! респект 50 CENT, young buck, lil wayne birdman, busta rhymes, MOP, pitbull, lil scrappy, lil jon, 2pac, snoop dogg, DRE eminem)))))))))))) motherfuckerzzzzz!

Comment by Makavelifun
2008-09-26 21:28:49

говно твой фифти!(50cent is a motherfucker and he still gay)

Comment by Саша
2008-09-27 08:35:32

да ну нах))) впервые слышу что 50 гей! х*йня это все! как говорится пиздёж и провакация! еще game норм рэпер!

Comment by anigma
2008-10-05 14:21:43

I am curious about this mix

Comment by capoeira
2008-10-08 00:50:56


2008-10-10 16:52:18


Comment by ayvonne1
2008-10-21 22:48:32

Big Up

Comment by glamm
2008-10-30 18:53:33


Comment by ELLLEE
2008-10-31 18:04:37


Comment by remy
2008-11-02 17:38:52


Comment by buya
2010-03-24 18:12:28

fuck fif joe izda best one

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