No commercial or copyrighted materials are stored on this server nor is it linked from this site. Mixtapes, Mixtapes tracks and all other material from this site are for promotional use only and are 100% free.

The Best Of HipHop :: serves the hiphop community in time-honored fashion by using the internet to facilitate access to compilations of HipHop and RnB tracks as provided to DJ’s by the artists themselves. These compilations, known as mixtapes, contain non-copyrighted material released to DJ’s with the intent that it be freely distributed to the public. Also, any previously released though versioned (e.g. remixed) material appearing on a mixtape has been pre-approved for free distribution.
This practice pre-dates the internet and is reminiscent of a time when rap artists created non-copyrighted songs that they distributed manually on the street and gave to radio DJ’s for air play so as to promote themselves and generate street-level buzz, as well as to respond to other rap artists.

Mixtape compilations are not for profit and cannot be purchased in any commercial capacity; they are intentionally free to the public. In providing access to mixtapes, The Best Of HipHop :: in no way violates intellectual property or copyright laws. Moreover, we encourage patrons of the site to support the DJ’s who compile this material for public consumption as a show of appreciation.

We do respect the rights and wishes of the artists, and will promptly remove any mixtapes, tracks and videos from the site upon request.

Please contact us ever needed.