50 Cent Shoots New Video For “I Get It”

Comments (14) 5,735 views | June 25th, 2007
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50 Cent shot a new video for his newest joint "I GET IT" (Straight to the bank remix) on Saturday in Brooklyn NY. The new banger was produced by Scott Boogie, a Bronx native that 50 recently discovered.

Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Prodigy, Mazaradi Fox, DJ Kay Slay and a variety of beauitiful models and energetic dancing kids from Queens and the New York Knicks dance team were on hand for the shoot.

Angel AKA Lola Love, XXL’s eye candy of the year came through for a cameo, while the beautiful Bobbi Jo played 50’s "baby mama" in one humorous scene. Lamborghinis, Ferarris and Benzes were everywhere for the energetic shoot, directed by Chris "Broadway" Romero. The energy on the shoot was high and from the looks of it, G Unit is just as strong as ever.

Some footage of the video:






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Comment by GUSoldier
2007-06-25 21:30:07

Alright people, I’ll make the first comment on the new added comment system. Don’t hesitate to put your thoughts here! Just make it do what it do and get it posted.

Back on subject, how many videos is gonna release… it’s his 4th and his album isn’t out yet.

Comment by LIMIT-AR
2007-06-25 21:40:37

This shit gonna be fire!

Comment by Thug
2007-06-25 23:57:05

This is his 4th? I think its his 3rd.

Comment by Thug
2007-06-26 00:00:13

Is the song out? I cant find it.

Comment by GUSoldier
2007-06-26 00:09:54

There’s also a video for Fully Loaded Clip: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ppw85A7YcL8
Not an official one though. 50 released it on his myspace.

I will put the song in jukebox as soon as it’s released.

Comment by Hercules
2007-06-26 00:18:55

personally i dont like 50, since the beef with Ja, then he took Ja’s style and ran with it, but maybe i’m wrong, maybe this album will be the truth, who knows…

Comment by SHADY442
2007-06-26 01:25:21

50 is more soul/r&b/rap not like ja, Ja is more pop rap.listin to follow my lead thats soul/r&B and rap at its best fo real.

Comment by abossi
2007-06-26 11:50:14

yeah nigga i hate your shit cause you beefing whit game black wall street 4 lifa

Comment by 50Centzzzz
2007-06-26 20:28:49

Man Fifty is back… i tried to like Game for a while, but he got NO LIFE.. since all the shit he is making is about 50 cent. for real man, get a life.

50 cent has for once and all showed me that he is the greatest artist ever, because all the shit he is making is going straight to top op the charts man :D Fifty nigga., keep making your fan happy, ;)

Comment by eastcoast
2007-06-26 23:38:39

game fans always hatin but 50 doin it big he making hits like its nothin GUNITSHADY 4 life!

Comment by M.
2007-06-27 08:08:21




Comment by 50Centzzzz
2007-06-27 10:25:16

Scott Boogie is new dude, relax you will hear the track when it come out ;)

Comment by TheTruth
2007-07-05 20:17:12

Scott Boogie is a thief .. LOL , he stole the beat , wtf Noob !

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2008-02-05 09:26:11


Antique rolex values. Fake rolex.

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